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With the Montreal Canadiens hanging up their skates for the season, why not turn your attention to a sport just as brutal, exciting that requires skill, stamina and strategy. Yes, it’s the Montreal Roller Derby…

Two teams each consisting of four blockers and one jammer, all whipping around a flat track on roller skates. What initially appears to be chaos on wheels, is actually a series of carefully thought out strategies to get one of jammers through the opponent’s pack of blockers. All the while making sure the opponent team ‘s jammer doesn’t get through their pack of blockers. If you have a tough time visualizing it, watch this video.

Montreal Roller Derby is the largest and most prolific Roller Derby League in Canada. Their home bouts take place at either Arena St-Louis or Taz, and are usually sold out. Crowds of Montrealais hipsters, Mile-End dwellers, and regular folk alike pack into these arenas to see the jammers and their take-no-prisoners trek through the pack of rolling ladies.This summer is chock-full of home bouts at both arenas, so there are plenty of opportunities to see these athletic girls in action! If you think the crowds at Montreal Canadien hockey games get rambunctious, then seeing a Montreal’s Roller Derby Bout is a whole new level of crazy. This is partially / definitely due to the Pabst Blue Ribbon flowing like the St. Lawrence Seaway.

New Skids On The Block: This is Montreal’s International Team and competes in WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) sanctioned bouts. This team is made up of the best players in the Montreal Derby League. They take the Montreal swagger to the track in neon uniforms, and will be taking numbers all season. You can see them in action on Saturday May 26th vs. Suburban Brawl of the Suburbia Roller Derby League, June 9th against Steel Hurtin’ of the Steel City Derby Demons, and on July 21st against a yet to be confirmed opponent.

Montreal Roller Derby League also features Les Contrabanditas, Les Filles du Roi, La Racaille, and The Montreal Sexpos. I know what you’re thinking: “I want a roller derby team name!” Don’t we all? If I were on a roller derby team it would be called “Smash Box Twenty.” To get home bout tickets and support our Montreal teams against roller derby leagues from places like Boston and Toronto, click here. The next bout is May 22nd, at Taz and will feature Les Contrabanditas against Les Filles du Roi! On August 4th at Arena St-Louis, the Montreal Championship will be held, so this could be a shocking and fun introduction to the sport if you’ve never been. Look for my one-man “Smash Box Twenty” team in the stands, getting his jammer through the pack of Pabst.

For a full list of all the Home bouts and links to buy tickets, visit the Montreal Roller Derby website:

The Details

Arena St-Louis : 5633 St-Dominique (Metro: Rosemont)

Taz : 8931 Papineau, (514) 284-0051

Photos by Susan Moss

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