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The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther

Once or twice a year, I venture to new salons in order to get my hair straightened. Make no mistake, I love my curly hair, yet change is always something I welcome with arms wide open.

Notice that I would make more regular trips to the hair salon if it weren’t for the fact that I usually despise paying for disappointment. My hair is curly, dry and damaged. I pretty much don’t know what to do with it except letting it grow, something I’ve been relatively successful at – if I ignore the upsetting reality that it’s actually not growing anymore. Damn you, dead ends.

To address this unfortunate situation, I recently headed to Montreal’s famous Salon Pure. After all, the team of co-founders Anna Pacitto-Merlo and Daniel Benoit did just win the title of North American Salon of the Year at Vegas’ NAHA Awards, also known as The Oscars Of Hair Awards. That would be the third time in nine years for Pure and considering no other salon in North America ever won the award more than twice, I figured my hair would be in good hands.

And so I dragged my bird nest-like head to Peel Street where I met with Salvadoran hair stylist Brian, who began by giving me a serious hair treatment. « Girl, you NEED a hair treatment», said his eyes as he liberated my mane from the grip of its elastic.

They say to build a lasting house you need to have a solid foundation. It seems like Anna and Daniel (who are also Art Directors for L’Oreal Professionel in Canada) have mastered that principle down to perfection, assembling a team of professionals that are not only talented and detail-oriented but who ultimately really care about every single client that walks through the door of their Cours Mont-Royal establishment.

The salon offers a variety of services, from cuts and extensions, to coloring, styling, evening hairstyling and hair treating.

Judging by what they did to my unruly hair (see bouncy and pretty capillary action above), this is one hair salon I won’t shy away from – and so shouldn’t you.


Les Cours Mont-Royal
1455 Peel Street, 4th floor
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 871-4004

Business Hours

Monday and Tuesday: 9 am to 6 pm
Wednesday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday: noon to 5 pm


  1. Maha

    / Aug 20th

    I love your postings and maybe I will go try this salon one day. I just wanted to tell you as a fellow curly hair lover (I have very unruly very thick curly hair), I have found my bliss in hair cutting and styling in an unpretentious salon called Queen of the World where you should ask for David Facchino. He is just amazing!

  2. Anna Pacitto

    / Aug 24th

    Thank you Tammy!!!! :):)

  3. tina

    / Nov 13th

    how much they pay you to make so much publicity for them?

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