Shopping for Gay @ La Maison Simons

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by .

In Montreal, gay men have been known to go shopping.

Pick your jaw up off the floor and click below to learn about “Simons” (as we call it in Montreal), the premiere destination for homos of all fashion sensibilities and salaries…

While many people go to a religious service on Sunday, Montreal boys worship at the Church of Simons. Founded in Quebec City in 1960 (and inspired by “Twiggy”), the department store is known for its stylish threads for all types of budgets. For many, La Masion Simons is a three-story spiritual experience, synonymous with retail nirvana.

Budget & Bling

Whether you’re a starving student with only $10 to buy a new T-shirt or a homo high-roller with $400 to blow on a Marc Jacobs thong, Simons will not disappoint. They do have a fun and fab (and affordable) assortment of unique socks and underwear, so don’t leave without cruising through the tightie-whitie isle.

Sundays at Simons

Sunday afternoon is the time to be at the store to shop for boys… errr, I mean briefs. However, if your weekend getaway demands a new pair of bum-a-licous jeans sooner than Sunday, don’t be shy to drop by at anytime. You will certainly see “gay” at all times of day.

Stock up

Like most stores, as seasons change, prices drop to make space for new collections. Think about classic items that will not go out of style. Grab a pair of discounted leather gloves in March that can sit patiently until the autumn. Or maybe snag some classic-cut linen pants for next summer.

Finally, the “Le 31” brand is unique to Simons, so you can rest assured that you won’t look like a cookie-cutter queer when you head home with undies that can only be found in Quebec.

Insider Tip: There are more than 5 fitting room sections in downstairs men’s wear alone. If there is a line, you might want to continue wandering until you come to the next set.

The Details

Simons Department Store
977 St. Catherine West (corner Metcalfe)

Downstairs: Men’s casual, sport and business wear
2nd Floor: Men’s designer wear (bring your platinum card)
3rd Floor: Linens

Click for a History Lesson on Simons…

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