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Shopping? Check. Meet Chantal for coffee? Check. Go to market and sample all the mouth-watering treats? Check. Walked all day on Old Montréal’s cobblestones and need a rest? Chhhheck!
That’s it. I am bringing my tired feet for a pedicure!
I don’t know about you, but I deserve this. My feet have been carrying my rambles, frenzies and mood swings around, working double time to keep pace with my busy schedule. And if that wasn’t enough, they have been hibernating in winter boots and chunky socks for almost six months.
Thankfully, spring is here and with extra time on my hands before I meet the girls for drinks, I have decided to put an end to my unglamorous feet days. Good thing I know where to find the very best pedicures in Montréal!
Fish Pedicure
First stop: Tami Beauté des Ongles, a small and intimate nail parlour located on beautiful Duluth Street— I know, we have the same name. (Except hers is with an “i” and mine is with a “y.”) Coincidence? I think not!
Tami Beauté des Ongles is one of the rare salons in North America (and the only one in Montréal) that offers fish pedicures.

That’s right! Garra rufa fish will feast on your feet’s dead skin until they are silky soft.

Now this stays between you and me, but I must admit I felt like a Fear Factor contestant for a split second, laughing and silently multiplying the OMGs as I descended my feet into the water basin. Almost instantly, the starved little creatures rushed to my legs and started nibbling and tickling my toes. The titillation lasted only a few minutes and then transformed into a most unusual and exciting foot rub.
Those fish should pay me for all that free food I gave them. Nonetheless, they rewarded me with plush, smooth and relaxed feet. I’m impressed! I wonder how long it would take get my whole body done.
(Bonus: Please also note that the massaging chairs are better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had.)
Deluxe Pedicure at Lio Fratelli
Once my feet were dead-skin free, I was ready to head to Lio Fratelli over in the swanky Outremont neighbourhood for a Deluxe Pedicure. If you’re looking for some Queen B pampering, Lio Fratelli is the place to go.
You will have to set aside two hours for your moisturizing herb bath, foot exfoliation, paraffin treatment, foot massage and nail polish. Bring a girlfriend and chat away in the comfy armchairs aligned against the brick wall, or get a manicure while looking down onto the street through the large bay windows.
A wide variety of OPI nail polishes are available at both locations.
Tami Beauté des Ongles
60 Duluth Avenue East
(514) 842-8588
Fish Pedicure: 15 minutes for $20
Conventional Pedicure with Foot Massage: $35
Tax included
Lio Fratelli
1137 Laurier Street West
(514) 272-6226
Deluxe Pedicure: $85
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