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West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg was in Montreal on August 1st to perform at the city’s most popular hipster-y music event of the year, Osheaga Festival. Here’s 4:15 minutes of awesome Snoop footage.




With thousands of fans on site and a sign announcing a closed stage to the media, I managed to make my way to the coveted platform that had served as a musical canvas for acts such as K’Naan, Keane, The National and Charlie Winston just hours before.

Like any good reporter would do, I took out my camera and started filming – frantically. That’s when a Herculean man attired in a most elegant light blue suit and slacks started making hook-shaped gestures at me with his right index. I knew right away what that gesture meant. It meant “come here; now”. Convinced I was about to get kicked off the stage for filming too much, I did (again) what any good reporter would do. I pretended he wasn’t talking to me.

But he was, and that hand gesture was not going anywhere. So I stepped closer and as he leaned in from the top of his 6.5 feet, the nice man (who turned out to be Snoop’s manager) said: “feel free to go wherever you want on stage. You can go to the front, please pass the cord, go behind, go to the other side, just don’t go in the middle of the stage with Snoop basically”.

He did not need to tell me that twice. The stars were divinely aligned and I was not the one to fight it.

Snoop and I later got to hang and chat at Jean-Drapeau park, and as the rapper later said on Twitter: “Montreal ya definitely got it in!!”

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