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It seems the gaylaxy is a bit confused about the summer gay festivals in Montreal.

In fact, just the other day I received yet another letter asking me to clarify the differences between our big homo hooplas.

I thought I’d share the letter, as you might have the same internal* itching question!


Dear Daniel,

As my go-to-homo, what’s the difference between Divers-Cite and Montreal Pride? Inquiring out-of-towners want to know! One has a parade and one doesn’t… but I think its more complicated no?




Dear PridePrincess69,

Life is complicated, but gay festivals don’t have to be!

This is actually a question that I am frequently posed. Luckily, for busy queers (and their allies) across the land, Montreal has two summer festivals to choose from. They are Divers/Cité and Montreal Pride Célébrations.

Allow me to explain the differences.

Divers/Cité is an internationally renowned LGBT festival. They have managed to provide stellar homo experiences for 18 years now.  In 2007 the folks at Divers/Cité decided to focus on artistic programming, opting not to host a community day or pride parade. They are now a cultural festival that focuses on programming artists (musicians, dancers, personalities, DJs, etc).  This year’s line up includes Lady Bunny, Sister Sledge, DJ Ana Paula and TONS more. Their biggest event, La Grande Danse, is the largest free outdoor dance party in North America!  This year’s Divers/Cité is from July 26 – Aug 1.

Célébrations is the official Pride festivities of Montreal. They formed in 2007 to ensure that the community-based elements of the traditional pride movement were maintained. Célébrations organize the community day and parade, as well as many other associated events such as theatre, movies, art installations and, of course, a mega outdoors T-Dance. This year they’ll be crowing the international ‘Queer of the Year’! Pride in Montreal will be from August 10 – 15.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful to have two summer festivals for travelers to choose from. And if you can’t make up your mind, come to both!




*If the itch is external, I cannot help you. Sorry.


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