Some of Montreal’s Best DJ Nights

Posted on November 27th, 2009 by .

I know that the internet loves it some “Best of” lists, but it’s a little presumptuous, no? When you’re talking DJ nights in Montreal, it really comes down to what type of music you want to listen to and where. There are so many going on that, even in my infinite wisdom, I’ve probably missed a few. That’s why I included “some” in the title. And heck, sometimes the best DJ night is just the one happening tonight…

Monday: Casa del Popolo has several different DJ nights (most often with DJ Nao Identificado) and there’s a couple other great ones around town, but I don’t want to lose you yet, so…

Tuesday: This night has been pretty much owned by Teenwolf Tuesday at Blizzarts. It’s put on by the Peer Pressure crew, so it’s a guaranteed dance party. But be warned: after 3 years of rocking Tuesday nights and ruining Wednesday mornings, December 15th will be the final installment. Don’t sleep.

Wednesday: As a friend said, Big Fun Wednesdays at Korova are exactly as advertised. Captained by Emily B. & Annie Q., the soundtrack comes from record collections that range from Thin Lizzy to Mitsou, Hüsker Dü to The Shangri-Las. Tokyo is pretty packed every night of the week with everything from hip hop to house, but I’m different so I’ll suggest you show up for Tokyo Rock night with a whole slew of DJs on tap.

Thursday: How the disco house party of Neighbourhood Thursdays, with Dave Shaw & Davey Lahteenma, at Blizzarts is still flying under the radar is beyond me. Up at Green Room, music writer and rocker J. Cummins helms the spectacularly titled Let’s Get Rad Again with “raw soul and R&B, garage, punk rock and metal” records spinning after the bands wrap up.

Friday: Green Room’s Trot the Fox Fridays kicks off at midnight and since the night is run by one half of the “Booty Shots” duo, I feel that no more explanation is required. This next one is a monthly that does not pop up again until January 15th but given that it’s probably the best new night in the city, it gets a plug. Night Trackin’, with DuVall, Seb Diamond & Phil AD, is a disco & house night held at Velvet in Old Montreal. They’ve already had The Juan Maclean, DJ Spun, Kevin Saunderson and more and 2010’s lineup is said to be huuuge.

Saturday: Stereo Saturdays brings in a secret guest every week, but it’s Stereo, so if you want to fancy dance late into the morning, this is a no-brainer. Matt Bain & DJ Funk hit the sweet spot between disco and 80s R&B with Love: Disco Style at Vinyl. I’ll keep to 2 for now- trying to not overwhelm you….ok fine, one more: Family Jewelz at Green Room is all over the place and is a personal favourite

Sunday: The fact that Sunday is as packed as it is with DJ nights says a lot about Montreal’s nightlife scene. The Dimanches Bruyantes with DJ Cytotoxik brings le electro and if you really want to wind things down, Mitz Takahashi (of Mavo) does Gentle Sunday at the Green Room. But of course, if you’re still raring to go, hit up Parking to catch Mile End Records’ Patrick Dream for Perfect Sundays.

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