Spa Le BATH ROOM: Float your worries away

Posted on September 10th, 2009 by .

What to do in Montreal?
Relax, obviously! Being the romantic laid-back city that it is, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are plenty of amazing spas in Montreal. Lucky me, my job entitles trying them all and telling you about my personal faves!
This month, I am head over heels for Spa Le BATH ROOM, which is all about floating baths and massages. Nothing compares to the experience I got there! No wonder Edward Norton was there just a few weeks ago!
Spa Le BATH ROOM is all about floating baths, and incidentally it’s the closest you’ll get to a trip to the Dead Sea this year!
If you’ve done floating baths before, you’ll be happy to find out that here you don’t have to enter a structure that looks like a cross between a tanning-bed and a CAT scanner to appreciate the benefits of the weightlessness.
Instead, Spa Le BATH ROOM offers a spacious room with a circular sunken bath surrounded by brick walls and a private shower. For people like me with slight ADD and major claustrophobia, the open concept is a definite plus!
If you so choose, you can completely turn off the lights and the music, and float in complete darkness and silence. That’s what I did. It took me a few minutes to get used to the whole feeling of being completely weightless and putting all my senses on hold for a full hour, but the benefits were incredible! Less stress, better circulation, softer skin, relaxed muscles, enhanced concentration… Bye-bye insomnia!
Plus, you’ll notice that as you float, you slowly turn in symbioses with the movement of the Earth. I thought that was pretty neat, since it reminded me that I am part of something much bigger than my daily stresses. That helps put things into perspective!
Note that the baths are big enough for two people, making it a nice and intimate moment to share with your significant other.
After the floating bath, my muscles were well tenderized and ready to get kneaded. Next logical step: the massage room. If you think you’re a nervous person, or it takes you a bit of time to let go and relax, perhaps you should consider taking the massage before the baths. It will help you loosen up!
Le BATH ROOM also offer special massages for pregnant women, and because it’s situated at the heart of St-Denis Boulevard, you can also go for a comforting hot chocolate at one of the many cafés in the area or do a little window shopping as you walk back to your hotel.
4137 Saint-Denis Street
Montréal, QC H2W 2M7‎
(514) 842-6564‎
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