Spring has sprung in Montréal!

Posted on April 4th, 2009 by .

To really understand why Spring is so important to us Montréalers, I invite you to move to the city next winter and fully experience what a few months of -30°C (that’s -22°F) with wind and snow feels like. If that’s not possible, then you are going to have to take my word for it – in Montréal, Spring is a massive seasonal and communal orgasm.

My 5 stellar reasons why Montréal is Spring-tastic…

5 Reasons Montréal is exceptionally sensual in the Spring

1) The “Terrace” – Also known as “patios” in Anglophone corners of the continent, terraces are the sacred space of each Spring-lovin’ Montréaler. It doesn’t matter what corner of the city you visit, on any sun-drenched day you’ll see folks with sunglasses, glasses of beer and smiles.

2) PIKNIC ELECTRONIK – Kicking off a summer of sultry Sundays on May 18th, this is a weekly outdoor dance party with major DJs, green space to chill and the perfect location to watch the sunset over the city.

3) Skin is back– After six months of lookin’ stylish in our scarves and Sorrel boots, we suddenly get to see everyone’s biggest organ. Montréalers become eager to flaunt their fashion sensibilities and sexiness. The rate of “sideways glancing” augments exponentially.

4) The return of the cyclist – The best way to see this city is on two wheels. There are many places to rent bicycles, and miles of cyclist-only paths to explore. Don’t miss Lachine Canal or Mont Royal, especially as the maple leaves burst forth.

5) The Fringe Festival – (June 11-21). Nearly twenty years of art without limits, this is Montreal’s oldest annual theatre festival. The fest includes theatre, comedy, dance, music, and every other performing arts imaginable. Always tons of gay activities/events, including the infamous “Drag Races,” which have been happening long before RuPaul took’em to the big leagues!

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