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People flock to St-Laurent, aka The Main, because it’s non-stop nightlife. But there are times that even the most committed party people need to take a quick detour to recalibrate their evening. Reservoir is the perfect place for that…

Resevoir is a nicely darkened detour down Duluth, a quick half block away from the part of St-Laurent where Blizzarts, Korova and other beloved Montreal drinks and dancing institutions can be found. It’s two floors (with a rooftop terasse in the warmer months) of people being happily laid-back. One of the main sources of contentment can be found in the fact that they make their own entirely delicious beers on the premises. Their “scotch ale” is a strong and intensely malty delight, while their light “blonde” beer is a perfectly refreshing summer sipper. Their food menu is also a welcome step-up from the standard bar fare. Snack on their charcuterie plate or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, some octopus with lentil sauce. If you require greater sustenance, get into their main courses. They do change every week- this week you’ll find a filet of pork and a beef tartare- but the fish and chips always seems to escape the weekly menu purge.

There are a couple situations that might lead to a perfect Resevoir experience. 1) When you want to go out for drinks with some friends whose conversation you’d actually like to hear. 2) When you’re not in the mood to hear some 20-year old kid play you the contents of his too-cool-for-school iPod. 3) Say you hit a 5-a-7 somewhere nearby and you’ve got big plans for St-Laurent later in the evening: spend some decadent downtime at Reservoir and re-emerge ready to give The Main the party respect it deserves.

Réservoir, 9 Duluth East, (514) 849 7779


  1. Nathadnai

    / Mar 15th

    It is very good place that there are many things to see and do whenever one reach there.I wish can get to there.


  2. Daniel Baylis

    / Mar 15th


    They also serve a great brunch if folks are looking for a good weekend eating spot.

  3. Lucas

    / Mar 16th

    Good spot, good review.

    Who edits this? Too wordy and the middle paragraph is killer long. the photo is underexposed….

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