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The Montreal Street Profiles series, considered by some/me to be the greatest set of blog posts ever written, has been busy. It’s covered Bleury, Parc and Maisonneuve, but then it got tired so it took a quick nap on a nearby park bench. But then it got right back up and strolled down Saint-Paul, Saint-Zotique and Crescent. It then decided to head a little west to explore Greene Avenue, in the heart of Westmount…

Though Westmount, home to most of Montreal’s wealthiest English residents, extends much further west and up towards the mountain, Greene Avenue is viewed by many as it “Main Street”. Running south from Sherbrooke down to Atwater, in a couple short blocks this upscale avenue, named in 1881 for the landowner G.A. Greene, manages to contain an incredible density of shops, restaurants and what is probably Montreal’s best English bookstore.

Nicolas Hoare: A quick story about Nicolas Hoare: my father, a professor and bookstore connoisseur, loves this place so much that when he comes to visit Montreal, our visits are planned around the hours he intends to spend there. Being my father’s son, I’m not insulted. It is a beautifully elegant yet unstuffy bookstore that is run by an incredibly knowledgeable staff and I leave there every time thinking that this what bookstores are supposed to be like.

Lululemon: This yoga attire store is a favourite of the area’s wealthy moms who want to wear the same leggings, often in the same size ( yoga keeps you fit), as their daughters.

Chez Nick’s: Nick’s has been a Westmount institution for over 90 years, serving breakfast and a lot of great sandwiches- including a Reuben that made our recent “Best in Montreal” list.

Bistro on the Avenue: Though people love Nick’s, the Bistro on the Avenue is an equally popular resto attraction. This French-leaning bistro is always packed for lunch, brunch and dinner. In the summer months, their outdoor seating is by far Greene’s most coveted.

Vago: Though the mood in the Bistro is often livelier, Vago has, in my stomach’s opinion, much better food. I’d venture to say that it’s one of the best places for Italian-American cuisine in the city.

Emma Boutique: I’ve never been anywhere close to going in here, but they appear to have nice clothes. I should add Georges Rech to that list as well.

Oink Oink: The perfect place to buy the most amazing presents for the wealthy child in your life. After Oink Oink, stop in and buy them some great and very probably expensive shoes.

Galerie D’Este: A great gallery that is home to a pretty impressive range of works from Canadian and international contemporary artists.

Antiquing: Greene Avenue is also home to some of the city’s most respected antiquities shops, like Lapidarius and Coach House Antiques.

Westmount Square: Though Greene extends further south, our tour today ends at Westmount Square, the mixed residential and shopping area that was famously designed by legendary architect Mies van der Rohe. Since I’ve only once been inside one of the residences (“apartment” would be an insult), if I’m here, I’m heading to the Tavern on the Square, which is a nice resto which functions basically as the epicentre of Westmount social life.

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