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The premiere weekend for Montreal bears (and their guests) is fast approaching. It involves a jam-packed agenda of roly-poly good times including a fashion show, a trip to local sugar shack, a chocolate factory visit and tons of other hidden surprises.

If you enjoy a furry man, you need to get here!


A bear needs to keep up his figure. And what better way to maximize caloric intake than a visit to a local cabane à sucre (or Sugar Shack in English).

Sugar Shack is a huge social ritual in Quebec. It’s all about greeting & smiling & talking & listening & eating & drinking & meeting in an manly and friendly atmosphere and then doing all that some more. It’s ‘family style’ in all of the best ways, with everyone included, full of wonderful handsome men, all happy to be in each other’s company. The foods are special seasonal ones and many are made with pure maple syrup (forget about carbohydrates and indulge yourself!) Taffy on the snow is by itself worth the trip.

Be sure to wear a belt that can loosen.


On March 26, the Montreal Bears will be celebrating the best of fashion and fabulous furry flab. On the catwalk, it’ll be Lady Gaga meets Paul Bunyan, but with a leather harness and a bit chubbier. I like to think of the models as ‘Bearistas.’

And if you are a scruffalicious beefcake waiting for your moment in the spotlight, this might be your big opportunity. The organizers are looking for bear models for this year’s fashion show…

How would you like to have the chance to walk on a catwalk as a model? Are you afraid? Do you think you’re not beautiful enough? Finally, there is a solution for you: The Bear Fashion Show 2010, 5th edition! We are offering you a unique chance to live this experience and become a model.

Come to Montreal and own the catwalk.


SugarBear Weekend
March 25 – 28, 2010

Fashion Show
March 26, 8:30 PM

Insider Info:Le UpBear Brunch” is a group of Montreal Bears who meet monthly for a brunch. It just so happens that their next gathering will be on March 28th. All are welcome to join.

And here’s a little photo I made. It features a bear in a Lady Gaga hat. You’re welcome.

bears at stud

Just another Bearista.

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