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The month of May in Montreal is all about classical music. Before the sounds of the Jazz Fest fill the city’s streets, parks and concert halls, it seems only fitting that we begin with the music that came first…


In a city overflowing with festivals of all sorts, the fact that Montreal’s Mutek is now in its 11th year says something important about the electronic music and digital culture meet-up. That their overall attendance was up by 70% last year speaks to the same point. Let’s look at why that might be…

Ice skating in Montreal: a Winter Must!

Ice skating is one of the funnest ways to enjoy winters in Montreal. Affordable, easy to learn and so much fun, this activity guarantees to put some major laughter in your trip, whether you’re on a girls’ getaway, family vacation or on a romantic date.

Jello Bar gets its groove back!

Wondering where to go for delicious martinis and live music in Montreal? I got two words for you: Jello Bar! Now, I usually leave to my colleague Brendan to fill out in on MONTREAL NIGHTLIFE, but I love Jello bar so much, I simply couldn’t hold back on this one. Plus, it makes for a great girls night out!


One of the best things to do in Montreal during the months of September and October is apple picking. Yet getting to the closest orchard can be quite a challenge for tourist. If you tell me I have to rent a car, get a map, drive an hour, go up a mountain, turn left after the lights, which is after the stop sign, which is the 5th right after the gas station, chances are… I’m not going.

Top 10 Things to do in Fall in Montreal

Summer is coming to an end. Children are back to school and you’ve come to terms with saying farewell to your favourite pair of sandals. But rest assured, there are still a bunch of festivals, activities and amazing things to do in Montreal!

How to Spend a day like a Princess in Montreal!

Warning: The following article will either make you very jealous or inspire you to book the next flight to Montreal. Every woman deserves at least one day a year when she can treat herself like a princess. You work hard, clean, cook, are a devoted mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, child, friend… The time has come to take some time for yourself and have fun, like royalty!

Free Things to do in Montreal: July

We love free things to do and thankfully Montreal is full of them! Here are my top free things to do in Montreal from July 15 to July 31!

Free things to do in Montreal: August & Beyond

Hey girls, So, I’m back with my regular monthly post about free activities to do in Montreal. Some from the JULY EDITION are still valid, such as the free meditation, ballroom dance classes and fireworks, but here are some all-new suggestions for the month of August to keep you from breaking the bank during your vacation. Enjoy!