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A holiday guide to Québec-made alcohols

‘Tis the season to clink glasses and celebrate that we made it through another year! And what better way to make merry than by adding some local flavour with Québec alcohols? Spread the holiday cheer by bringing a bottle of our local elixirs to parties or offering them as a gift. From festive favourites to new drinks, here are a few picks: GINS With notes of juniper, lemon and orange, we’re mad about Madison Park London Dry gin. Crisp, clear and excellent all by itself or in your favourite cocktail. Madison Park London Dry, by Distillerie 1769 Hand-picked indigenous herbs native to the Arctic region give the Ungava gin its one-of-a-kind taste and sunshiny colour. Excellent all alone, with ice or to freshen up a cocktail. Ungava Premium Canadian Gin, by Domaine Pinnacle The parsnip: it’s always the quiet ones that we least suspect. But this humble root vegetable is being given its fair due by these break-all-the-rules distillers, and the Piger Henricus, a London dry, is fast-tracking to our favourite. Piger Henricus Gin, by The Subervises Gin lovers are definitely going to want to check out Gin de neige (“snow gin”), a truly lovely libation created and distilled with… / Read More →

Best Terrasses in Montreal for Drinking Beer

What many know as a “patio”, we Montrealers call a “terrasse”. Either way, they’re the place to be during our intense summer months, so here are some of Montreal’s best spots for enjoying a cold beer or three…


Searching for the perfect place to drink in Montreal? Look no further than this slightly wacky infographic! The choice is yours, just follow your heart to good times and memories. Just remember to have fun, drink responsibly and to tag your Instagrams with #MTLMOMENTS. Coffee, Tea & Milkshakes: Nocochi (2156 Mackay), Camelli Sinensis (351 Emery), Beautys (93 Mont-Royal West) Sweaty & Dancy : Electro: NEW CITY GAS (950 Ottawa), Latin: Copacabana (1106 Maisonneuve West), Hip Hop: Blizzarts (3956 St-Laurent) Romantic & Cozy: Wine: Pullman (3424Parc), Cocktail: Assommoir (211 Notre-Dame West), Beer: Benelux (245 Sherbrooke West) Laidback & Chill: Boardgames: Randolph Pub (2041 St-Denis), Eat: Else’s (156 Roy East), L’Escalier (552 Ste-Catherine East), Mr Smith (4061 Ontario East), Play Pool: Sharx (1606 Sainte-Catherine West) Unique & Funky: Drag Queens: Cabaret Mado (1115 Ste-Catherine East), Free Candy: Snack n’ Blues (5260 St-Laurent), Pay Candy: Candibar (1148 Mont-Royal Est)