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Montréal book nooks you need to know

Reading a book is an excellent remedy for so many things. Escaping the daily grind. Healing the heart. Feeding the imagination. Lucky for bibliophiles, Montréal has a goldmine of little independent bookstores that are great for a gander of hot-off-the-presses, literary classics, graphic novels, comic books and hard-to-find gems. Some sell new, some sell used, but all are worth a browse and then some. Happy hunting. Go for the graphic novels Nestled in the hip Mile End, Drawn & Quarterly, the storefront, is the extension of the company of the same name, which evolved from a single-issue magazine to a renowned publisher of the world’s best cartoonists. This kicky store sells awesome graphic novels, comic books, art books and more, plus, it regularly hosts book launches for local authors, literary events and workshops. Fact and fiction A fixture of the McGill ghetto since 1975, this beloved book haunt sells secondhand books specializing in literature, philosophy, poetry and other interests. Housed in a 19th-century brick house, The Word is like walking into a bookworm’s overstuffed living room, with a vibe that radiates erudite cool. Find what you’re looking for, and what you weren’t, in stacks piled high all over. A hub… / Read More →

Roll up your sleeves: Montréal cooking classes perfect for foodies

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to tick all those must-visit restaurants, bars and bistros off your list. Sometimes, you want to get your hands dirty (or sticky, or salty) and prepare that perfect plate of food yourself. Well, we wouldn’t blame you for being inspired to try your hand in the kitchen after eating your way through this fabulously foodie city. Luckily, Montréal’s got plenty of cooking classes – from well-known workshops to secret foodie favourites. The Old Port is known for fine dining, so it’s no surprise that popular cooking and cocktail school Ateliers et Saveurs calls this neighborhood home. With everything from sushi-making to tapas, you’ll get hands-on experience and time to enjoy your meal or cocktail creations after class. Workshops ($22-$110) are normally in French, but translation can usually be provided. They say there’s something therapeutic about watching someone else cook, which may be why Westmount cookbook store Appetite for Books has such popular workshops. Classes ($85-$131) are based on one of the books in the store, so on any given evening you could be introduced to fruity preserves, South-East Asian fare, or vegetarian classics. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a class presented by one… / Read More →