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In life, there are two types of nuit blanche: 1) The ones spent at McGill University, playing the “how much last-minute information can I cram in my brain” game – scarcely fun. 2) The ones spent gallivanting between countless exhibitions, parties, shows and free bus rides during Montreal’s now famous High Lights Festival – abundantly fun. Now technically, I could think of a third type of all-nighter, but a girl tries to keep her amazing job when she’s got one. All you need remembering is that in terms of awesome, nuit blanche #2 is comparable to nuit blanche #3.


Last week I was wandering the streets of Montréal and my eyes fell upon the poster for “The Mid-Life Crisis of Dionysus.” As you can see, the graphic for this unique theatrical experience features a bunch of nude hotties touching each other. Naturally, my interest peeked. Check out how you can get some of this smorgasborgiastic extraspectaculaganza theater action while you are in Montréal…

A Symphonic Vacation

Sometimes a girl needs a getaway, and sometimes she needs a getaway with culture.  If you are this girl, then I’ve got a great recommendation for you! On your Montreal trip, check out the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.   Keep reading to meet the man who’s got the power to make sweet harmony with the flick of his wand.

Shop like a local at Souk@Sat

Christmas is around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re racking your brains out to get your hands on the perfect gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Luckily, one of the greatest perks about travelling is digging out goodies that you won’t find anywhere back home!

We like it too!

I recently discovered this brilliant video, created by Studio Elliot, a local graphic design agency in Montreal! It’s the most charming ode to Montreal and a perfect example of why I wish there was a Love button on Facebook!

BENT: An Opportunity for Historic Queer Theatre

“I love you. What’s wrong with that?” – Max (the lead character in BENT) Sherman Miller’s critically acclaimed (and controversial) 1979 play, BENT, will be presented in Montreal from November 5 – 15, 2009. I am highly anticipating this performance. Find out how you can get tickets…

Designer Shopping : Helmer Boutique

Montreal designer HELMER JOSEPH could not have thought of a better time to open his brand new boutique on St-Laurent Boulevard. With Montreal Fashion Week recently coming to an end, fashionistas from around the world will be able to put their hands on his incredible designs; fresh OFF THE RUNWAY!

Gay Cinema: Getting the Homegrown Experience

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Montreal’s LGBT Film Festival (Image+Nation) was quickly approaching. I gave you the inside scoop on five films playing at the festival… before the program had even been released! I know, you are wondering how I get access to such top-secret gay information. Well, I have my sources. But now the full schedule is up, and it’s looking good. Check out some of my recommendations…

Montreal Art + Design Guerrilla

  There are many different ways to let art express itself, and it’s not always a matter of finding the appropriate museum or art gallery. I think the young generation from the Montreal design and art scenes understood that pretty clearly; that’s why a bunch of them created a collective called ART & DESIGN MONTREAL, dedicated to promote local creative minds on an international scale. Read the full story to know more about two very exciting projects happening in Montreal at the moment.