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I [tweet] MTL ::: 11 Tweets about Montréal

Over the past few weeks I’ve been inviting my friends on Twitter (aka my “Twiends”) to tweet me their favorite things about Montréal. Here are 11 tweets about Montréal…

Tour busT ::: Come to Montréal, See the World

A reliable (if not tedious) way to see a city is to get on a bus and take a guided tour. You’ll cover tons of ground, but might end up falling asleep along the way. Tour busT, on the other hand, is everything but tedious. Check out this highly original mixture of road trip and theater in its world premiere…


What do Chernobyl and Versailles have in common? Photographer Robert Polidori gave these empty and abandoned spaces the chance to express themselves. Check out my review of his thought-provoking retrospective at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.

Festival TransAmériques: Body Language

When is crying a good thing? Because something incredibly beautiful just happened. Expect moving performances and unforgettable art moments at this year’s Festival TransAmériques, an event dedicated to experimental dance and theatre. Read more for my suggestions and find out why you should go.

My Biennale Is Pink

Watch my video about the Biennale de Montréal, an event that celebrates plural forms of art with exhibitions and performances all around the city. I couldn’t access this year’s installations, so I decided to go in the woods and film a little something there instead.

Gaykus :::: Haikus à la Gay Montréal

After a Sunday afternoon stroll through my beautiful city, I became inspired. I sat down and expressed myself through perhaps the most delicate of artistic forms, the haiku. Et voilà, the Gayku was born. You’re gunna wanna to see these…

Elektra’s Shock Therapy

From May 1 to 10, we’re celebrating the 10th edition of Elektra. Dedicated to new forms of creative expressions, this event takes place in several cultural venues and art galleries all over Montréal, from Usine C to Galerie La Centrale, as well as Galerie articule on Fairmount and the Belgo building downtown. It features multimedia and electronic arts mingling together in a plural way that is almost indescribable. The program includes visual art, live performances, exhibitions and music shows from local artists and international visitors. They’re showing their work (or sometimes just the embryo of a creation or an unfinished concept), looking for people to react and interact with it. Admission is free for most art gallery happenings and projections, while performances usually cost a little more. More info about Elektra here. The photo is taken from Kurt Hentschläger’s FEED, a live performance during which you basically enter Usine C before midnight, and become surrounded by smoke machines and stroboscopes. Oh, and you have to sign a release paper before you go in, just in case something happens. Experimental and crazy, right? Yes, that’s how we like it here.

Hidden Hotspot #2: Commissaires

Running up the hills and hunting for artsy terra incognita, our hero finds the perfect allegory to Montréal’s taste for risk in Commissaires.

With Bated Breath

Truth is a good thing. So I’m going to be truthful with you – Montréal is not necessarily the destination you might think of when considering the North American (English) theatre scene. But every once and a while a gem comes along that you don’t want to miss. A gem has arrived. Get the explicit details…