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Image+Nation: Montreal’s LGBT Film Festival

Recently I was surfing the World Wide Web when I stumbled across an article on that listed the 50 Best Gay Movies. In the post, they pose the question, “Why aren’t there more good gay movies?” It’s true. There is a ton of cinematic queer crap out there. But thankfully the folks at Image+Nation screen through the mediocre to present the best of LGBT film every autumn in Montreal. Watch the sexy trailer of the gay film I am most excited to see…

Music Videos and more at the MACM

The MACM, or Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, is normally the domain of my colleague Daviel, whose knowledge of the Montreal art scene towers over my “that’s a pretty picture” style approach to art criticism. There are, however, occasions when the MACM crosses over into the dark realm of nightlife…

Phoebe Greenberg’s DHC/ART + Michal Rovner

Montreal has a new patron of the arts: Phoebe Greenberg. And her uncommon taste for risky adventures made her create one of the best art galleries in town, showcasing the work of experimental artists from all over the world. Read more to know why Montreal is now a real avant-garde city… in many ways.

Montreal Shopping Wish list #2: Corno’s artwork

This one’s quite simple: I want a Corno painting. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m dying for a Corno painting. Who’s the object of my wall’s desires? None other than Quebec-born painter Johanne Corno, the self-described urban expressionist whose big dreams landed her in the Big Apple more than 15 years ago. But guess what! She’s back in town for the Jazz Festival with an amazing piece you can’t afford to leave hanging!

The Fag Fringe Forecast

Montréal goes a bit nutty each June. I know the Fringe Festival has begun when I look out my living room window onto St-Laurent Boulevard and see a Drag Queen marching up the street playing the bagpipes. (FYI – she’s known as the Drag-Piper.) The Fringe Fest runs this year from June 11 – 21. It is an uncensored, low cost, liberal, performance art festival – equal parts theatre, dance, music and creative anarchy. There is a little something for everyone. As stated in this year’s program, “The Fringe is all about discovery.” But choosing from among 100 or so local, national and international companies can be a bit overwhelming. So I’ve put on my “Fag-Filter” and found the good stuff. Here are 6 recommendations for homolicious Fringe shows and events…

I [tweet] MTL ::: 11 Tweets about Montréal

Over the past few weeks I’ve been inviting my friends on Twitter (aka my “Twiends”) to tweet me their favorite things about Montréal. Here are 11 tweets about Montréal…

Tour busT ::: Come to Montréal, See the World

A reliable (if not tedious) way to see a city is to get on a bus and take a guided tour. You’ll cover tons of ground, but might end up falling asleep along the way. Tour busT, on the other hand, is everything but tedious. Check out this highly original mixture of road trip and theater in its world premiere…


What do Chernobyl and Versailles have in common? Photographer Robert Polidori gave these empty and abandoned spaces the chance to express themselves. Check out my review of his thought-provoking retrospective at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.