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Montreal Bike Fest 2013

It may not be a conundrum for everyone, but for many, the question of how to stay active on vacation in a city known for its good food, drink and vibrant arts and cultural scene can be difficult to answer. Thankfully, Montreal is highly walkable and increasingly friendly to cyclists, as the upcoming Montreal Bike Fest, May 26 to June 2, proves…


Fans of world-calibre cycling, à la Tour de France, will be lining the route of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal, taking place at and around Mont Royal Park on Sunday, September 9. The race comes to Montreal just as the hottest days of summer fade into memory and the air begins to get a crisp edge to it: the perfect time to watch top athletes sweat it out in a picturesque locale…


Pop Montreal may primarily be about music – it’s hard to deny that fact, what with huge bands like Arcade Fire playing this year alongside soon-to-be-huge bands and bands who (say they) don’t care if they’re ever huge – but what makes the festival like no other is how well-rounded it is, you know, like some unwholesome, scholarship-getting kid genius who also slays on the drums. I say this because of Art Pop, Pop Symposium, Fashion Pop, Puces Pop and Film Pop – and this year Sports Pop!