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6 Montréal book nooks you need to know

Reading a book is an excellent remedy for so many things. Escaping the daily grind. Healing the heart. Feeding the imagination. Lucky for bibliophiles, Montréal has a goldmine of little independent bookstores that are great for a gander of hot‑off‑the‑presses, literary classics, graphic novels, comic books and hard-to-find gems. Some sell new, some sell used, but all are worth a browse and then some. Happy hunting. Drawn & Quarterly Nestled in the hip Mile End, Drawn & Quarterly, the storefront, is the extension of the company of the same name, which evolved from a single-issue magazine to a renowned publisher of the world’s best cartoonists. Located at 211 Bernard Street West, this quiet yet kicky store goes about its business of selling absolutely awesome graphic novels, comic books, art books and more. Plus, it regularly hosts book launches for local authors, literary events and workshops. Once you’ve visited, you’ll want to come back. As in, the day after. The Word A fixture of the McGill ghetto since 1975, The Word sells secondhand books specializing in literature, philosophy, poetry and other interests. Housed in a 19th-century brick house, it’s like walking into a bookworm’s overstuffed living room, with a vibe that radiates erudite cool…. / Read More →


While Montreal’s chocolateries, patisseries and boulangeries are some of the best and most creative in the business all the year long, they truly shine during holiday time, when all their expertise and creativity comes to the forefront as they bake and exhibit their special treats of the season…


It took chef Normand Laprise close to 20 years to decide to write a cookbook and 3 years to put the finishing touches on the Toqué! book, which is coming out in English on November 28th. The most famous of Quebec chefs didn’t take the easy way out by writing a straightforward cookbook. The Toqué! Creators of a new Quebec gastronomy book is first and foremost, an ode to all the artisans who have contributed on a daily basis in making Toqué! the best restaurant in Quebec for the past 20 years.