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10 places to watch Canadiens playoffs inspired by 10 great Habs

Montréal is blessed with an abundance of exceptional places to take in its National Hockey League heroes, the Montréal Canadiens (known affectionately as the “Habs”). With playoff season on the horizon, and the Habs looking good to go deep, it’s time to start thinking about where to watch the games. With so many choices, we thought we’d let 10 of your favourite players and members of the Habs family be your guide to hockey-watching good times. Max Pacioretty: A leader by example whose class is complemented by one of the wickedest wrist shots in the game. Class, with a few surprises of its own (especially when it comes to kitchen creations), could also describe the Mile End’s Bishop & Bagg neighbourhood British-inspired pub, brought to you by the same folks behind the hugely popular Burgundy Lion pub in Little Burgundy. Andre Markov: An incredibly hardworking, smart and no-nonsense player with a delightfully subversive and dangerously sharp sense of humour. McLean’s Pub in downtown Montréal embodies many of these same great traits in addition to providing a serious sports atmosphere and fantastic game grub. P.K. Subban: Subban is flashy, fun and fast, and when he’s on the ice the play unfolds… / Read More →

#MTLMOMENTS: Romantic Couples Night in Montreal

As part of our #MTLMOMENTS F1 Nightlife stunt , we picked a lovely couple from Toronto and brought them to Montreal for a wild weekend of nightlife. After leaving their hotel room at the Chateau Versailles arm in arm, they headed down to popular hangout Burgundy Lion for a few pre-dinner drinks. After they went to the Old Port to eat an incredible Portuguese meal at Helena, tore up the dance floor together at New City Gas, shared a poutine at La Banquise, and then retired to their hotel for some much needed sleep. Book your own wild weekend in Montreal at; and when you get here, don’t forget to share your Montreal Moments using the #MTLMOMENTS tag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make the most of your trip to Montreal with this exclusive Sweet Deal coupon booklet with special offers valued at $450!

Best Fish and Chips in Montreal

The spring thaw and dreary weather in March evokes delicious memories I have from the days I used to spend chasing my punk rock dreams in London while stuffing my face at fish and chip shops in the name of anarchy. Ok, I wasn’t punk, nor did I live in London, but I do love fish and chips and will go out of my way to find some…

A tasty preview of Burger Week Montreal 2013

Hot off the heels of last year’s successful Burger Week Montreal, the 2013 edition returns with great anticipation and finds itself satiating the appetites of burger-heads in four cities across the nation…