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Baby it’s cold outside: wicked winter bars in Montréal

With biting winds and snowy sidewalks, winter is definitely in full swing. The good news is that Montréal is a seasoned pro at dealing with the cold, with the city losing none of its renowned vibrancy once the temperature drops. Terrace season may be on hold until next year’s thaw, but we’re excited to have entered the calendrical zone where comfy reigns supreme. Check out these Montréal bars that will keep your cockles warmed ’til spring. Microbrasseries Benelux – 245 Sherbrooke Street West and 4026 Wellington Street Boasting twelve home-brewed beers and featuring a different cask every Thursday night, Montréal brewpub Benelux is a favourite year-round with its warmly-lit industrial interior that’s a perfect haven on a cold winter evening. Brasserie Harricana – 95 Jean-Talon Street West An incredible selection of in-house microbrews await you at Brasserie Harricana, a toasty pub in Mile Ex. Settle in for a spirited Montréal hockey game or watch the snow fall outside from a seat at the window. Brasserie Réservoir – 9 Duluth Avenue East Réservoir keeps its patrons shielded from the harsh winter months in this stylish Plateau brasserie that offers a host of homemade tap beers from their permanent menu along with… / Read More →

Meet a Montrealer: Anne-Marie Withenshaw

One of the most recognizable names on the Montréal media landscape, popular television and radio host Anne-Marie Withenshaw has long been an unofficial ambassador for the city’s thriving arts and cultural scenes. No longer: Withenshaw is official now as the 2015 ambassador for the annual MTL à TABLE restaurant event, 11 days of gourmet festivities and culinary discovery at 159 restos across Montréal, October 29 to November 8. Like Withenshaw doesn’t have enough on her plate(s), she also co-hosts TV show À couteaux tirés with world-renowned Montréal chef Chuck Hughes. It pits two top-shelf Québécois chefs against each other in a friendly, albeit crazy and unpredictable, competition each week. The program airs on CASA TV every Monday (5:30 pm), Thursday (9:30 pm) and Saturday (12:30 and 6 pm). We caught up with the food- and life-loving Withenshaw in between shooting. What’s the coolest, most interesting thing you’ve done so far this year? “I guess probably raise a toddler. It’s funny, my life has really changed a lot since I had a kid. Maybe four or five weeks before I got pregnant I was on tour with Rihanna. I did five cities in five days for [Montréal radio station] The Beat…… / Read More →

Meet a Montrealer: Michel Rabagliati

Michel Rabagliati is the man behind Paul, the character of his graphic novels based in Montréal and famous worldwide for quiet adventures in which Paul explores the countryside, the metro system and the fishing pond. Translated from their original French (Les Éditions de la Pastèque) into many languages (including English by Montréal comic publisher Drawn and Quarterly), Rabagliati’s work is boundless in its charm. He told us about his Montréal. Job: Graphic novelist Favourite pastime: Singing in a choir. It’s something I love, first of all because it gives me a reason to leave my house (I’d probably stay chained to my drawing table for months without noticing otherwise), and second, because it’s hugely satisfying. Working in harmony and bringing human voices together in concert is truly a unique experience. Who knows, maybe song is the solution to war! How long have you been a Montrealer? I was born here, in Rosemont, in the 1960s. I had a delightful and worry-free childhood. I’ve never envied those who grew up in the countryside. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far this year? I think that would be going on set during the shooting of the film based on my work,… / Read More →

5 Montreal wine bars with great menus

For the past few years, Montreal has seen the proliferation of the wine bar concept, where one can discover some great bottles or revisit favourite ones. Most of these wine bars offer a list comprising of predominantly private imports and quite a few of them have chosen to work with natural, organic and/or biodynamic products…