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Irresistible chocolate treats in Montréal

Ah! Easter. That time of year synonymous with daffodils, spring and chocolate. Since spring and daffodils seem to be in no hurry to make an appearance, let us all rejoice in the gift of chocolate, or rather, the gift of chocolate giving. The quirky A sense of humour seems to be the common thread with Montréal’s chocolatiers this spring. Funny looking sheep, unusual Easter eggs, goofy chocolate chicks and floppy-eared bunnies have all found their way onto the shelves of many of Montréal’s chocolate makers. Juliette et Chocolat and Fous Desserts are both guilty of indulging in this quirky trend we love so much. Pâtisserie Gascogne’s Laurier outlet welcomes you with an oversized nutty-looking sheep and a handier sized chocolate menagerie for you to take home. Chocolats Privilège has several locations around town, including the Atwater and Jean-Talon markets. This Easter, their collection includes hand painted Easter eggs as well as some very funny bunnies resting on chocolate bars. Award-winning chocolate maker Christophe Morel makes some of the best chocolate in Montréal, and could be included in all the categories in this article. His chocolate bars are first class, his bonbons boxes are elegant and sophisticated and his floppy-eared Easter… / Read More →

Where to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in Montréal

Montréal is a city of festivals and we will find any reason to party. From month-long summer festivals to ones that take the winter by storm, we let nothing hold us back. Celebrating the season and the gift of frostbite, one needs to prepare adequately for outdoor activities; warm jacket, toque, scarf, gloves and the quintessential hot chocolate.

Brunch, coffee, chocolate and keeping cozy in the Village

During the winter months, the beloved Boules Roses of Montreal’s Gay Village neighbourhood go into hibernation and people retreat from the streets to cozy up inside for delicious brunches, creamy lattes, and baked goods. Check out the lighter side of a Village more known for its crazy night life…