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Everyone’s cup of tea: the tea houses of Montréal

While the influence of the coffee-centric Parisian café looms large over Montréal, some of the city’s finest sipping spots are its teahouses. Coffee might get you up and out of bed, but a cup of tea is for chatting and relaxing, or reading and reflecting. Largely tucked away in secret in-the-know spots of respite and recharge, Montréal’s tea café culture is quietly gaining steam. Make time for tea this weekend. #WHPcandid Une photo publiée par Anne McIsaac (@yellowillow) le 4 Avril 2015 à 5h30 PDT Perfectly situated for a  tea break after a wander through Parc LeFontaine, Le Parloir is a bona fide English tearoom nestled along a charming residential street in the Plateau. The friendly staff and local customers lend Le Parloir a neighbourhood feel unique in Montréal. 🍵🇯🇵 Is this the new little Tokyo? ❤️ Une photo publiée par Richmond Lam (@richmondlam) le 3 Avril 2016 à 9h01 PDT A “Club for tea lovers,” Cha Do Raku specializes in teas from Japan and offers workshops on tea preparation and traditional Asian tea culture. Owner Shiho Kanamaru will even make flavour suggestions following a short survey via the café’s Tea Clinic. One of the Mile End’s best-kept secrets, the… / Read More →

Where to shop for foodies in Montréal

Is Montréal a good place for foodies? Mais oui! Our local artisans and fine food shops offer tempting treats and sinful little jars of goodness—which travel well and make for great gifts for all your foodie friends. #nouveauté ! Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que vous pouvez maintenant vous procurer les #gourmandises de @les.minettes dans notre section #gardemanger en #boutique et #enligne ! Une photo publiée par Les Touilleurs (@lestouilleurs) le 10 Nov. 2016 à 9h53 PST Exploring the fine food shops These gourmet meccas are where you’ll find exotic jams, syrups, maple butter, honey, homemade ketchup, vinegars, crackers, condiments, sauces, spices and marinades. Only the very best quality, of course. One of our favourites is Alexis le gourmand, which is located in a massive industrial-looking garage. We’re also weak in the knees (or taste buds) for the scrumptious selection of artisanal products—most of which are made in Montréal—at Magasin général de Castelneau. To find flavours from all four corners of the world under a single roof, head to Fouvrac. Meanwhile, you can take your tummy on a trip to France at Gourmet Laurier or La Vieille Europe, or head instead to Italy by stopping in at Milano, Pasta… / Read More →

Where to get great tea in Montréal

[Updated on December 9, 2015] Coffee lovers need never worry – whenever the need for an espresso strikes, they’re never further than a block away from their heart’s desire in Montréal. For years, tea drinkers didn’t enjoy the same luxury. But times are changing! Tea is taking the city by storm (in a teacup?) as expert tea providers pop up left, right and centre. And not only that: our fair city offers some Kate Middleton-worthy high tea spreads…