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Montréal’s healthy appetite for the Alouettes

Pro football in Montréal, both on and off the field, is typically far from boring. This year is no exception for the city’s Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise, the Montréal Alouettes, as the team hits the halfway point of the regular season and readies for a drive sure to satisfy football-hungry (and hungry football) fans. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster season so far for the Alouettes: Late-2014 season saviour Jonathan Crompton (replacing retired star quarterback Anthony Calvillo) was injured in the season opener and is still out. First openly gay pro football player Michael Sam joined the team with much fanfare, and then left. And then joined the team again, and then left for good citing personal issues. Now much-missed former QB Calvillo has returned to help his old team in the role of co-offensive coordinator. And none of this even includes the fast-action drama that the Als deliver on the gridiron game in and game out. While the Als may be down in the overall CFL standings at the moment, the beauty of the Canadian game is that rebounding teams can remain in contention, so look for the Als to deliver on the promise of an exciting… / Read More →

Sports in Montreal: the 2013 Montreal Alouettes

An interesting thing happened to professional football in Montreal in 1998: it was allowed to breathe. And almost as soon as the Montreal Alouettes inhaled high on the side of Mount Royal – a spectacular setting complete with scenic views of the city – away from the closed-in confines of the Olympic Stadium, their previous home, the people came. And when the people came, so did the wins…