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Discover Languedoc wines with Montréal sommelier Sindie Goineau

This year, MTLàTABLE is being presented by Vins du Languedoc, which is where one third of French wines are made. From elegant whites and festive rosés to robust reds, not to mention bottles of effervescent and fortified vin doux naturel, there’s surely something for everyone, every meal and every occasion! Since the restaurants participating in MTLàTABLE offer set menus for 25% less than the regular price, why not splurge on a more expensive bottle of wine? If your evening out includes the chance to chat with a sommelier, make the most of the opportunity by asking for recommendations. After all, providing wine advice isn’t just their job, it’s also their passion. A good sommelier will help you find the right wine pairing for your meal—and your budget. You’ll enjoy the taste all the more knowing you made the right choice and spent your dollars wisely. Le vin que j’ai apporté à la soirée @Saisonsmtl d’hier : le Château Sainte Eulalie Plaisir d’Eulalie, un Minervois du Languedoc-Roussillon doucement corsé et épicé. 👌🏻🍷 Une photo publiée par Tellement Swell par Eve Martel (@tellementswell) le 30 Août 2016 à 13h55 PDT If you’re feeling bold and want to pick your own bottle, stack… / Read More →

Where to enjoy natural wines in Montréal

For the past few years, the term “natural wine” has carved itself a larger spot in our daily vernacular as well as on restaurants’ menus. The natural wine phenomenon is nothing new but its “rebirth” and its newfound popularity is. This latest buzzword designates wines that have been grown and processed with minimal intervention and no added chemicals. Instead of trying to control nature, natural wine producers embrace and work with it. This produces wines that are a true representation of their unique terroir. The natural wave hit Montréal a few years ago and the city has since become one of the best in the world to enjoy these funky wines. Several restaurants in town boast a great carte de vins natures that are fun to explore. Pastaga is one of the first restaurants in Montréal to popularize natural wines since it’s opening in 2011. The opening of its sister restaurant and wine shop Cul Sec located around the corner, has consolidated the natural wine love affair these two spots have going. Vin Papillon’s sommelière Vanya Filipovic’s passion for great wines and fantastic winemakers is evident in the care and research that goes in the creation of the restaurant’s outstanding… / Read More →

Dig in to MTL à TABLE with these mouth-watering Instagram galleries

With MTL à TABLE, Montréal’s much-awaited annual restaurant week, just around the corner, everyone has gourmet food on the brain these days. What better way to work up an appetite for the city’s finest tables than perusing a sumptuous selection of delicious dishes? So pull up a chair and dig in to an all-you-can eat buffet of mouth-watering Instagram galleries from some of Montréal’s top chefs and restaurants. @restotapeo @resto.lesenfantsterribles @restaurantevoo @patrice_demers @mimilanuit @mercurimontreal @martin_juneau @les400coupsmtl @lachampagnerie @ikanos_mtl @henrisainthenri @damasrestaurant @chezvictoire @chezchose @callaomontreal Still feeling peckish? Scroll down to fill up on more fabulous food pics!

Montreal’s best family-friendly restaurants

  A great way to spend time with family is to gather up around the table for a delicious meal. Finding the right restaurant to accommodate everyone’s standards (and age group) can be a challenge but it’s not impossible…

10 Delicious Montreal Food Experiences

Fresh ingredients, cozy eateries, late nights and good company are all part of Montreal’s culinary culture. Try these local favorites to please your taste buds and feed your joie de vivre. Warning, the names might not roll off your tongue…