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Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea In Montreal

Bubble tea, sometimes known as boba tea or pearl tea, is a frothy drink created with iced tea, sweet milk, flavourings, and sweet tapioca pearls. The refreshing concoction was invented during the 1980s in Taiwan, and has since gained flocks of fanatics from around the world. Are you bubble headed for bubble tea? Try these tasty places in Montreal! 

5 of Montreal’s best asian noodle dishes

During the winter months in Montreal, like most warm-blooded creatures, I seek warmth. While some search out the heat of a roaring fire or comfort of a loved one, I’m usually in search of warmth in the form of steaming hot bowls of soup noodles or the crispy fried variety…


Whether you’re looking for a place to learn about tea practices and tea culture while sipping on a rare blend from a remote region in China, or you just want to don some white gloves and have some good old fashioned afternoon tea, these top 5 tea connoisseurs in Montreal will have you covered…


Though Chinatown 2 might be sound like the title of bad movie sequel, it is actually an area in downtown Montreal that is home to some of the city’s best asian food…


Many people chose to travel to Montreal because it has that delicious French flare that can’t be found elsewhere in North America. It’s like going to Europe, but cheaper. But Montreal is more than delicious baguettes and passionate romance and beautiful women with French accents. It’s a hub of international cultures, and the Chinese community plays an important role in the ethnic and cultural diversity of the city.


Our photo of the week shows the lovely arches of Montreal’s Chinatown. It was shared by Flickr star Richard McGuire. Mr. McGuire has some great shots of the Victoria rooftops of the Plateau, Montreal architecture and more! Thanks Richard! Montreal’s Chinatown is located primarily on La Gauchetière Street (between St. Laurent & St. Viateur Blvds). It occupies roughly the area of a city block. It’s a pedestrian walkway, making it more inviting for a stroll. Chinatown is a vibrant nightspot for locals and tourists alike thanks to a special regulation by Montreal’s city officials which slates the sector as a tourist area, thus allowing it to continue operations well into the evening. —————————————————————————————————————— Submit your Montréal pictures to our MONTRÉAL BUZZ FLICKR GROUP. And see our previous PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.