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Beautiful organ music lifts up fall in Montreal

During the 15th Orgue et Couleurs Fall Festival and the Canadian International Organ Festival, some of Montreal’s most picturesque churches and concert halls reverberate with traditional organ music played by internationally-acclaimed musicians…

Chamber music meets jazz this may in Montreal

The 18th season of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival, May 9 to June 1, mixes international and local string quartets, the brilliance of Bach and several evenings of jazz, all in the stunning, acoustically pleasing St. George’s Church in historical Old Montreal…


Back in its first year, 2002, Pop Montreal helped me discover the city’s nooks and crannies via music, and the festival still manages to find new venues for bands to make their own. Pop Montreal’s venue choices have included the tried and true, but it’s the unusual and interesting locales that have stuck in my memory. Maybe that’s how memory works though, a strange environment just solidifying good music and a good time…


If you’re in Montreal for Easter Weekend, April 20 to 24, why not take the opportunity to hear some of the city’s best choirs in some of the most incredible settings in town…


Though your uncle’s eggnog-fueled Bing Crosby impression has its place, one of the most magical parts of the holiday season can be found in the music that defines it. Here are some of highlights of Montreal’s Christmas Concert lineup…


One of Montreal’s famed skyline silhouettes; St. Joseph’s Oratory is a sacred destination for many. It attracts 2 million visitors annually. Some climb the 100 steps on their knees as pilgrims. Others come simply to admire this Italian Renaissance-style basilica reminiscent of the Duomo in Florence. I love the grandeur of the beautiful building, set back on its large property.  It is the largest church in Canada. Its dome is second in size only to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  The first small chapel was erected in 1904, and was extended often.  By 1917 a new Crypt-Church was built, large enough for about 1,000 people.  Montreal’s Brother André, who was canonized last week-end in Rome, had a dream to build a sanctuary dedicated to Saint Joseph.  His dream came true in 1967, when the Oratory was completed.


Our photo of the week comes from Flickr lovebirds Jean-Bernard et Jennifer. One could even say that their love is causing them to see fireworks (and you’ll probably have to click through their photos to understand that reference). Jeannifer (prounounced shjan-i-fer) as I’ve decided to call them, have captured the moody grandioseness of Montreal’s largest religious specimen, Oratoire Saint-Joseph. “Saint Joseph’s Oratory atop Mount Royal is one of the world’s most visited shrines. The basilica’s huge dome reaches 97 metres and is second only in height to Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The sheer size of it contrasts sharply with its frail founder, Brother André, the humble doorkeeper who had initiated its construction in 1904. The shrine devoted to Saint Joseph consists of a primitive chapel, a votive chapel, a crypt and a basilica large enough to accommodate 10,000 worshippers. Relics of Brother André and many ex-voto of miraculously cured pilgrims are exhibited. The basilica’s great organs and 56 bell chimes will occasionally rekindle solemn works of great composers.” A beautiful shot of a magnificent Montreal landmark. Thanks! —————————————————————————————————————— Submit your Montréal pictures to our MONTRÉAL BUZZ FLICKR GROUP. And see our previous PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.


Is Montreal the Monaco of North America?  Iegor de St-Hippolyte, founder of IEGOR Hôtel des Encans (house of auctions), thinks so.  Hailing from  France via Monaco, he was seduced by Montreal’s unique architecture and decided to make it his home.  From here, he searches for and sells prestigious Canadian and international works of art, jewelry, antique books, decorative pieces, rare wines, etc…  In 2004, he was appointed the official North American representative of Drouot, the world-famous Paris auction house.