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Top 5 Montreal Festivals you may not know

If you haven’t noticed yet from this blog’s coverage of Mutek, Osheaga, Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs, Montreal is a city obsessed with its festivals. The reason is simple: for many cold months, Montrealers are stuck in their apartments drinking red wine and waiting out the winter, so when summer hits, no one is ready to go home until at least October… Though Montreal boasts some huge, big-ticket festivals like those mentioned above, it also boasts some smaller, yet no less big-time fests. From French music to beautiful lanterns, there’s something happening every night from now until it’s time to put the snow tires back on. Here are the Top 5 Montreal Festivals you may not have heard of:

Montreal Bachelor Party

Montreal Bachelor Party: When a good friend of mine needed a bachelor party organized, there was only one city in Canada that was up to the task: Montreal. Not just because of its incredible Nightlife scene, which has something on the go every night of the week, but because, in general, this is a city that knows how to cram a range of things into a 24-hour adventure… Sure, Las Vegas is often the bachelor party planner’s first choice, but time after time, Montreal clocks in as North America’s #2. Why? Well first off, you can do everything in Montreal that you can in Las Vegas- from gambling to big name shows- for a fraction of the price. It’s VIP high-rolling that your wallet won’t be ashamed of the morning after. Montreal also has a nightlife scene that has been thriving for decades, and when you mix in Montreal’s old-school European influence with its new-world, cutting edge taste in partying, you have a place that can host a bachelor party with class. Something that Las Vegas has to work a bit harder at…

Montreal Nightlife: Baldwin Barmacie

For the fourth installment in the Montreal Nightlife video series, I visited Baldwin Barmacie, a sleek and sophisticated bar/nightclub/lounge on Laurier, near Avenue du Parc. I spoke to Baldwin’s Alex Baldwin about designing a place reminiscent of his own living room…

Rooftop Drinks at Verses Sky

Great pic, huh? Hotel Nelligan’s patio bar, called Verses Sky, is one of Montréal’s best-kept secrets!