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Montreal Bachelor Party

Montreal Bachelor Party: When a good friend of mine needed a bachelor party organized, there was only one city in Canada that was up to the task: Montreal. Not just because of its incredible Nightlife scene, which has something on the go every night of the week, but because, in general, this is a city that knows how to cram a range of things into a 24-hour adventure… Sure, Las Vegas is often the bachelor party planner’s first choice, but time after time, Montreal clocks in as North America’s #2. Why? Well first off, you can do everything in Montreal that you can in Las Vegas- from gambling to big name shows- for a fraction of the price. It’s VIP high-rolling that your wallet won’t be ashamed of the morning after. Montreal also has a nightlife scene that has been thriving for decades, and when you mix in Montreal’s old-school European influence with its new-world, cutting edge taste in partying, you have a place that can host a bachelor party with class. Something that Las Vegas has to work a bit harder at…

Montreal Nightlife: Baldwin Barmacie

For the fourth installment in the Montreal Nightlife video series, I visited Baldwin Barmacie, a sleek and sophisticated bar/nightclub/lounge on Laurier, near Avenue du Parc. I spoke to Baldwin’s Alex Baldwin about designing a place reminiscent of his own living room…

Rooftop Drinks at Verses Sky

Great pic, huh? Hotel Nelligan’s patio bar, called Verses Sky, is one of Montréal’s best-kept secrets!