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Printemps Numérique as experienced by a shallow Torontonian

Montreal is one of those cities I always enjoyed growing up. It really is one of the only cities in North America with a rich history, which I find rather thrilling as a History nerd. But for all the times I traveled to the city to tour the museums, marvel at the architecture and enjoy their lower drinking age I never got around to experience the art scene. Now I would never call myself an ‘art person’, so when I was told I was traveling to the city to cover a Digital Art festival I was slightly terrified. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to understand the art, let alone review it, but never one to reject an opportunity to visit one of favourite cities in the world I jumped at the opportunity before someone else snatched it up…


The city’s big museums are always a draw, with plenty of family-friendly activities and guided tours (some free, some at discounted prices). See the vast collections at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, including En Masse’s black-and-white mural-like art, as well as free screenings of films from the International Festival of Films on Art. The Musée d’art contemporain takes part in Saturday’s Marathon of Arts via a workshop called Souffle d’inspiration, and on Sunday tours and workshops related to the exhibition A Matter of Abstraction. Step into Montreal history at Pointe-à-Callière, and weave through the Urban Forest at the McCord Museum, where you might even get to know your satirical self at their Become an Editorial Cartoonist Workshop, September 29-30.