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Feast your eyes on Montréal’s awesome art galleries

This winter, give the doldrums a good kick in the pants and do yourself a favour: go visit Montréal’s art galleries. There’s nothing like some visual stimulation to get your synapses sparking, and Montréal’s art galleries deliver handily in eclecticism, innovation and excitement. Go see what’s hot, what’s now and what’s out there. Eastern Bloc Since 2007, Eastern Bloc has been leading the pack in the production, promotion and dissemination of digital art in Québec by emerging and established talent. Located on a non-descript street on the peripheries of Little Italy, this daring gallery offers an unadorned, authentic art-going experience. The Darling Foundry A darling of the art scene, the Darling Foundry is a foundry-turned-gallery in an industrial zone west of Old Montréal. It continues to bring breath of fresh air to the area through innovative and experimental works by up-and-coming contemporary artists. There are two art galleries for your viewing pleasure, housed in an industrial-yet-chic building. UQAM Design Centre A few steps off Sainte-Catherine Street East, north on Sanguinet gets you to the UQAM Design Centre at the heart of the Quartier latin. Its unassuming entrance belies its actual setting—a big, industrial-like space that houses a cutting-edge gallery. It… / Read More →

A guide to Montréal’s art galleries

Have you ever visited a museum and wished it were a shop? Short of becoming a game-show millionaire, you may never be able to buy a Monet or a Borduas – but you can get close. Montreal has a slew of commercial galleries that enable both experienced collectors and more timid art lovers to invest in a masterpiece (or three) of their own. Here are some spots to start with…


Every year, Montreal’s Mutek festival creates a friendly, exciting atmosphere for fans and the curious alike, while redefining the state of electronic music – and while the festival is primarily known for it’s amazing array of music, Mutek’s arts scene is just as vibrant and cutting-edge. This year, from May 30 to June 3, the Quartiers des Spectacles and beyond vibrates with the art of Mutek…


Not just anybody can up and change the landscape of Montreal’s art scene with the snap of a finger. But when art patron extraordinaire Phoebe Greenberg gets her team mobilized, anything can happen…