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Ladies and gents, say hello to Candi Bar, the latest brainchild of Paulo Branco, owner of the already legendary Montreal bars: Gogo Lounge and Chez Serge Bar.  Made out of 80,000 pink and purple Mega Bloks (Canada’s legos), Candi Bar is hands down the ultimate nightlife destination (nightlife fans should check out this sweet deal on show tickets from La Vitrine) for any gal who appreciates original drinks and playful design. And you know if all the girls are going, logically, that means it will also be celebrated by the boys. Let’s see how long it takes them to start sipping on slushy pink cocktails!


Porters of OPUS Hotel now flaunt hot pink and black John Fluevog shoes, living up to the hotel’s stylish reputation.


Montreal’s most sought-after fashion sale, “La Grande Braderie de Mode Québécoise”, takes over the city from April 15 to April 18! If I know you at all, I know discounts up to 80% on designer clothes are enough motivation for you to throw on your prettiest heels and tackle the cobblestones of Old Montreal.


This edition of MEET A MONTREALER, features a one-word named, fabulous female: Azamit. Like Oprah or Madonna, the former model is entitled to only go by a single monicker, as she’s quickly becoming an iconic Montréaler. As one of the city’s most respected and sought-after stylists and art direction consultants, Azamit is the perfect example of a local who gives Montréal its international sensibility. One of her biggest events, STYLIST’S OWN (a stellar fashion buying event), is just around the corner. Here’s what Azamit has to say about Montréal.


Aaah, Tiffany. Most of us became acquainted with Louis C. Tiffany around the same time we could read. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean. Audrey Hepburn, the diamonds, the pearls, playing in your mom’s closet….common knowledge. But perhaps you aren’t that familiar with Tiffany’s groundbreaking contribution to glass design, technique and technology. No? Neither am I. Hey, no shame in my game. Comes in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to take care of my lustrous education with their brand new exhibit, Tiffany Glass: A Passion for Colour.

Exquisite Bedding at Le Baldaquin

One of my favourite indulgences when travelling is without a doubt hotel sheets. The smell, the fluff, the comfort…I simply can’t get enough of it. In fact, I’m starting to believe I was born with a genetic disposition to linger in awesome sheets. Which is why my heart skipped a beat when I discovered that the source of some of my favourite boutique hotels’ bedding was right here in Old Montreal.

Antique Shopping in Montreal

Notre-Dame Street is Montreal’s antique shopping haven. A stroll between Guy and Atwater will take you on a walk back in time with more than 50 antique shops populating a one mile stretch, making it one of Canada’s highest concentrations of antiques and decoration shops.

Montreal Art + Design Guerrilla

  There are many different ways to let art express itself, and it’s not always a matter of finding the appropriate museum or art gallery. I think the young generation from the Montreal design and art scenes understood that pretty clearly; that’s why a bunch of them created a collective called ART & DESIGN MONTREAL, dedicated to promote local creative minds on an international scale. Read the full story to know more about two very exciting projects happening in Montreal at the moment.

Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Architecture

The CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ARCHITECTURE is one of its kind. Founded by architect Phyllis Lambert, it’s an international research centre dedicated to architecture and urban design that’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Read the full story to find out why you should check out photos of abandoned factories getting destroyed.

Montreal Fashion and Design: STYLIST’S OWN

What’s unique about Montreal’s fashion and design scene? It’s the fact that every crazy little project can turn to reality instantly. Azamit is one of Montreal’s most hyperactive and high-profiled stylist and art consultant in town. She’s been a model and knows everything about fashion – her black book is probably the most wanted among young designers and artists who are looking to achieve international celebrity and fame. All year long, she unearths unique pieces that have been kept hidden from the public, and exhibits them during an event called STYLIST’S OWN. Read more to find out how you can leave Montreal with an affordable handpicked souvenir from the city’s best designers.