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Save the Pint!

You can’t define Montreal’s architecture, unlike Paris and its Haussmann buildings, or New York and its art deco skyscrapers. I don’t think there’s any other place in the world with such a strange mix of different forms of architecture from all eras – concrete structures from the 60s perfectly paired with Old Montreal buildings from centuries past, or sleek and modern creations made of steel and glass.  That’s probably what makes Montreal so unique. Read the full story to find out why you should help us preserve a giant milk pint located in downtown Montreal.

Montreal Design: The School and the Street

I’ve always been crazy about typography. I like to walk down the streets and just notice the use of Helvetica, or Arial, or Times New Roman all over the city – and judge those who still use Comic Sans MS (Remember the one that looks like chalkboard characters and is supposed to make everything look funnier?). And lucky for me, Montreal definitely takes design seriously, using it to brand and advertise itself to the rest of the world. Paris has its own image, as do New York or London. I think the same applies to Montreal, which was recently named a “world design capital” by the UNESCO, after Berlin and Buenos Aires.

Montreal Culture Tour: Little Burgundy

Montreal’s working class district of Little Burgundy is transforming itself into a new trendy neighbourhood, while never forgetting its past or denying its roots. Follow me on a tour of this old part of the city that has found the way to fight back recessions and crises.

Anne-Marie Chagnon: spicing up your jewellery box

Robert Ludlum once said “the most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh.”  That would be us, ladies. And although that’s very true, every woman knows what a good piece of jewellery can do to her outfit: magic.

Montreal in Monocle’s Top 25 Liveable Cities

Montreal made Monocle magazine’s Top 25 Liveable Cities in the World for the third year in a row. But Tyler Brûlé’s team is thinking perhaps the city might be lacking new and inventive structures, and should improve its urban landscape. I don’t agree. Find out my answer to this month’s issue of Monocle about how Montreal is changing itself.

Apollo Bistro: New Restaurant with Amazing Design

There’s a new restaurant in Montréal’s Little Italy, Apollo Bistro, and it’s full of surprises. Here, you get to invent your own meal, bring your own wine, and enjoy it all in an usual setting designed by Alain Forcioli.

Fashion and Design Festival of Montréal

Fashion & Design Festival kicks off this Wednesday at the heart of Downtown Montréal! That means that McGill Avenue is transforming into a giant open-air runway and that models, avid shoppers and tourists are taking over the streets for one big party!

Hidden Hotspot #2: Commissaires

Running up the hills and hunting for artsy terra incognita, our hero finds the perfect allegory to Montréal’s taste for risk in Commissaires.