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To say that Montreal is a creative city is like saying that Paris is kinda pretty. This city is an idea volcano in constant eruption, with generation upon generation of artists, authors, actors and acrobats producing new madness every day. One of our strongest arts: fashion design, because of some great local fashion schools and, let’s not mince words, Montrealers’ native sense of style. C’mon, it’s famous. Here’s a list of our go-to made-in-Quebec labels, with deets on where you can get their wares to take home…

Where to buy a suit in Montreal

You’re invited to your best friend’s wedding at Notre-Dame Cathedral in June, and your girlfriend just caught you trying on your graduation suit. No. It will not do. Every modern man needs at least one new dapper suit in his wardrobe – per year. Lucky for you, this town has a fantastic crop of modern menswear purveyors…

Phi Centre examines the art of being Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani is one of Montreal’s best known fashion exports, with collections in 130 shops and galleries in 30 countries around the world. But the Montreal-based world traveler and general creative mind is much more than an award-winning unisex fashion designer – he’s also a filmmaker and an artist. Until November 30, Montreal’s progressive Phi Centre is showing us the extent of his vision…

VIDEO: Montreal’s Festival Mode and Design

As the video above proves, the 13th edition of the Festival Mode & Design was one of the biggest to date, with four days filled with over 50 fashion and music shows in downtown Montreal centered around the massive outdoor runway that has become so synonymous with this event. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014..


Established among Montreal’s big names, alongside the likes of Marie Saint Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Tavan & Mitto and Denis Gagnon, Harricana par Mariouche distinguishes itself by way of its ecological policy…


Montrealers are known for their style – and I swear it isn’t just because I am one that I’m saying that. There’s something about the city’s multicultural spirit that blends Parisian sophistication with New York edginess, and nothing expresses that better than our garb…


September 6, 2012, marked Montreal’s first ever Fashion’s Night Out. Joining forces with over 500 cities around the world, the initiative is the brainchild of Vogue U.S. Editor in Chief Anna Wintour…


I like to travel light, usually limiting my luggage to a laptop bag and a carry-on. Simply. Effectively. I like pretty objects that are practical, good designs that last but that are nonetheless remarkable. One of the things I systematically get asked about when I travel–and I swear it happens every time–is: – Excuse me, but may I ask where you got your bag? – Oh, this bag? (I can see their eyes searching for a known brand tag…) It’s from M0851. – It’s really nice. I love the minimal look. Is it from Tokyo? – Actually no, it’s from Montreal. – Reaaaaally…? That leather looks very expensive… – …But it’s not, seriously… – Looks like you just bought it. – I’ve had this one for close to ten years now… …and the conversation often goes on and on to a point where I feel like an actual M0851 salesperson. And you know what? I always feel this certain pride in “showcasing” a distinctive and such well-made product made in Montreal.


Anyone who’s been to Montreal knows that Montrealers have a charmingly unique sense of style. Eclectic and experimental, chic yet laid-back, old with a splash of new, new with a splash of old… with so much panache, one can only wonder: where do these Montrealers get it from? Well, that’s a long story, but thankfully there’s a fashion exhibition ready to tell it all.