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Where to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in Montréal

Montréal is a city of festivals and we will find any reason to party. From month-long summer festivals to ones that take the winter by storm, we let nothing hold us back. Celebrating the season and the gift of frostbite, one needs to prepare adequately for outdoor activities; warm jacket, toque, scarf, gloves and the quintessential hot chocolate.

A guide to Montréal’s best bakeries and pastry shops

[Updated on January 27, 2016] In the last few years, Montréal has seen a boom in artisanal boulangeries (bread bakeries) and pâtisseries (pastry shops). From specialized cupcake stores, designer donuts and dainty French pastries to more traditional buttery baked goods, croissants and crusty baguettes, the city has it all. Here’s a breakdown of all sweet things Montréal has to offer organized by neighbourhood, so that you may always find your way to the closest flaky, gooey or crispy delectable snack…


Leafing through the Montréal en lumière programme in order to decide which activity to attend can be a daunting task. So I am coming to your rescue, fellow food lovers, with my 5 recommendations for activities and/or meals. I hope it helps you enjoy Montréal en lumière even more. Don’t forget to book your spots early on so you don’t miss out on all the fun!


We all know that special dining experiences are only half about the food – the company is also of utmost importance. The increasingly beloved and buzzed-about Dishcrawl is an ingenious idea that utilizes the genius of social networking and combines it with a real-life pursuit of food happiness…


The splendid Bûche de Noël (literally translated: Christmas Log) is a French pastry tradition; a festive and decadent dessert that is meant to look like the type of firelog that you might saw down in the mighty Canadian woods for a holiday hearth. Served at holiday parties and Christmas dinner, they’re so much a part of our holiday tradition that they warrant the lede in this article about Christmas in Montreal from the New York Times. Read on to find out where you’ll find Montreal’s Best Buches…