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Fierté Montreal Pride Set To Dazzle Montreal Once Again

The 2014 edition of Montréal’s LGBT Pride celebrations goes from August 11 to 17, 2014. For this edition, they’ll be honouring Orange — the second colour of the rainbow pride flag which symbolizes healing, vitality, energy, and warmth. See what’s in store for all the lovers heading to Montreal Pride this year…


MY MULTICULTURAL MONTREAL: ABDALLAH Mile End is the soul of Montreal: “Here you have Italians, Greeks, Jews, Hasidics, Africans…you have bagels. You have a Mauritanian restaurant on Fairmount. Every one gets what he needs from Mile End” – Abdallah. Abdallah is a Djiboutian-born Canadian who lives in the same neighborhood as me: the Montreal Mile End. As I was surfing the amazingly nourishing Who We Are blog, I discovered this film by Adam Shamash, which is an ode to Montreal’s cultural diversity and Abdallah’s sheer enthusiasm for life.