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Do Your Thing in MTL: Transgender Model Carmen Carrera Nearly Naked in the Gay Village

Carmen Carrera is a stunning woman. She’s one of the first contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race to come out as transgender. It’s hard to believe that she was actually born a he. For “Do Your Thing in MTL” she did a pop up burlesque show under the famous Boules Roses in the heart of Montreal’s Gay Village with local troop Speakeasy Burlesque! The video is about a a confused person, ashamed and afraid to be themselves. But with a little help from some friends, the cloak is torn away and Carmen Carrera is born! She’s confident, sexy, and exactly who she was meant to be…


Montreal likes to celebrate the LGBT community in big ways. This is why Tourisme Montreal is excited to announce Do Your Thing in MTL!, a video series of performances and interviews with top LGBT entertainers from around North America that we’ve invited to Montreal showcase their talent by using the streets and attractions of Montreal as their stage. We have amazing performances rolling out over the summer months by singer-songwriter Jonny “Gay Pimp” McGovern, lesbian comedian DeAnne Smith, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, trans drag performer Carmen Carrera, and the Queen of Montreal’s Gay Village Mado Lamotte…


Glamorous, fabulous and totally talented, the Drag Queens of Montreal are a must-see. From amateur night on Saturdays at Drugstore, to the crème-de-la-crop at Cabaret Mado, our girls always bring a special je-ne-sais-quoi to the stage. Cabaret Mado has been open 10 years (stay tuned for details about the huge birthday bash this summer) and Mado puts on the world’s largest drag show, Mascara, every year during Divers/Cité! Come on down to the village where we are waiting for everyone to join the party!


People flock to Montreal’s Gay Village to see what’s going on in the clubs, bars and out in the community. These same people should flock to this post to see what’s coming up in March (and a bit of April)…

Mado, The Queen of the Montreal Gay Village

Who is Mado? Mado is irreverent. Mado is charming. Mado is bitchy. Mado is Montreal. Last week, after a hilarious Drag Queen Makeover , I sat down with Montreal’s infamous Drag Queen, Mado, to chat about what it takes to run Montreal’s fab-est Cabaret and what travelers should do when they visit our city. What resulted is perhaps my most entertaining and informative video yet. My favorite moment: when Mado says, “Do I want to be a Drag queen for the rest of my life? Or do I want to work at McDonald’s? You have a choice.” Oh, and don’t miss our lesbian cat growls… Grrrrrr!