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Montreal Fashion Week: The Parties

As mentionned previously, THE RUNWAY SHOWS OF MONTREAL FASHION WEEK are starting tomorrow. Yet what would be a fashion week without its lavish parties? Rubbing shoulders with well-dressed celebs while Marie-Kate Olsen stirs your martini during New York Fashion Week does sound all glitz and glam. “Oh hiiii, so what do you do? Mmhumm. Ya. Ok.” Personally, the truth is that talking to fashion elite schmoozers who listen to you with one ear while they scout the room for somebody more important, gets on my last nerve. In Montreal, we believe that fashion should be by the people for the people. Which is why some of the best parties of the week are free and open to the general public. Here are the parties you shouldn’t miss: 1) The launch of DRESS TO KILL MAGAZINE Tuesday October 13, 10pm, W Hotel, 901 Square Victoria, FREE (click here for the google map) 2) The DENIS GAGNON PARTY (the pictures of this post are actually from last year’s party. Denis is without a doubt one of Montreal’s most praised designer and if I had to go to ONE party, it would be this one) Thursday October 15, 10pm, 901 Square Victoria, FREE… / Read More →

Bowling in Montreal

When Justin Timberlake and big-time producer Timbaland were last in Montreal, word on the street is that the after-party was held not in one of the cities’ swankiest nightclubs, but at a place called Sharx. Why would the man responsible for bringing sexy back choose such a place? In my mind, there can only be one reason: bowling.

Jello Bar gets its groove back!

Wondering where to go for delicious martinis and live music in Montreal? I got two words for you: Jello Bar! Now, I usually leave to my colleague Brendan to fill out in on MONTREAL NIGHTLIFE, but I love Jello bar so much, I simply couldn’t hold back on this one. Plus, it makes for a great girls night out!

Best Montreal 5-a-7: Part 2

A couple friends recently pointed out that my previous post on Montreal’s best 5-a-7s seemed to all be located suspiciously near my apartment. I responded that if that was my main determining criteria, I would have included the 5-a-7s that I regularly throw in my apartment as the workday comes to a close. I also wouldn’t have included that sneaky “Part 1” in the post title. But, point taken. So, in part 2, we stretch our drinking wings a bit (p.s. please don’t drink and fly)….

Jubilating over Orange Julep in Montreal

The Orange Julep is as good as it gets in terms of roadside attractions and world-famous beverages. Built more than 60 years ago by Harmas Gibeau, a man who dreamed of living in a giant three-storey orange with his wife and kids, the Orange Julep has become a real Montreal institution, serving what is in my opinion the most luscious, sweet and creamy delicacy in the history of orange juice. Do yourself a favour and read on!

Polaris Music Prize and Montreal

The Polaris Music Prize is an annual music award given out to the best Canadian album of the year. Though Canada already has the Juno Awards, Polaris is special because unlike the industry-centric Junos, it’s given out based exclusively “on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales or record label.” It has also helped show that Montreal has one of the best music scenes in the country…

Montreal’s Best Irish Pubs

The Irish pubs of Montreal are some of my favorite places to experience the city’s nightlife scene. Though this city may be home to a wealth of high-end spots to get fancy cocktails, if you’re looking for a simple, friendly place to get a pint of beer and some great pub food, Montreal has you covered…

Montreal Burlesque Festival

I tend to view burlesque as a chance to see beautiful, half-naked women without getting in trouble with your girlfriend. But then again, I’m a bit of a philistine. But Montreal’s 1st annual Burlesque Festival, taking place from September 17th-20th, intends to showcase, for philistines and devotees alike, how much more goes into this unique art form…

The Montreal Alouettes: Girls Getaway fun!

Football. Men like to think it’s a guy thing. But who said girls can’t enjoy sports and beer? Last week, my sister and I headed to a Montreal Alouettes Football Game, and we had a BLAST! So put down your martinis and take off your heels. Today we’re doing things differently!

Montreal Poker: Where to Play

Poker is the biggest card game in the world and, though Las Vegas is still king, Montreal has become an international destination for poker players of every skill level. Even Cirque de Soleil’s Guy Laliberte is known as a huge fan. From the VIP poker room at the Montreal Casino, to some other spots you may not have heard of, Montreal is holding all the cards necessary to take care of all your poker needs…