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It is becoming a widely accepted axiom that gay people are tons of fun. As a gay man, I feel comfortable with this notion, and would also like to add that we’re creative, playful, strong and stylish! Oh yes, and we’re clearly humble. This being said, it is perfectly natural and normal to feel attracted to the gay community.


People flock to St-Laurent, aka The Main, because it’s non-stop nightlife. But there are times that even the most committed party people need to take a quick detour to recalibrate their evening. Reservoir is the perfect place for that…


With 2010 just around the corner, it’s time to look back at the year we’ve had. It’s been a treat and a privilege for me to be involved in this incredibly cool campaign. I still can’t quite believe that I get to write about music and nightclubs in a city like Montreal and actually get paid for it. Both the blog and I will be back in the new year and will continue to cover this city’s dynamic nightlife scene, but before that let’s take a minute to look back at some of the highlights…

Where to find Karaoke in Montreal

As the video above demonstrates, everyone who lives at my apartment takes karaoke very seriously. Though my colleagues Daniel and Tamy have already taken a stroll down questionable-singing-street, I thought I’d give you an overview of what Montreal’s karaoke scene has to offer the late-night visitor to the city…

Le Saloon: Delicious Martinis (and Tasty Servers)

Whether you are a visitor searching for a stylish parlor or you’re a local queer with an appetite for ambience, Le Saloon is often the first choice for dining and drinks in Montreal’s gay village. But why is that?

Gary Vaynerchuk: Crushing It à la Montréal

One of today’s biggest internet crimes is not knowing GARY VAYNERCHUK. Guilty as charged? Fear not. Here’s your opportunity to polish your knowledge on America’s most prominent sommelier, business mogul, propelling author, social media GOD and 18th MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN of 2009 – yes, that would be before Brad Pitt AND George Clooney!

Montreal Fashion Week: The Parties

As mentionned previously, THE RUNWAY SHOWS OF MONTREAL FASHION WEEK are starting tomorrow. Yet what would be a fashion week without its lavish parties? Rubbing shoulders with well-dressed celebs while Marie-Kate Olsen stirs your martini during New York Fashion Week does sound all glitz and glam. “Oh hiiii, so what do you do? Mmhumm. Ya. Ok.” Personally, the truth is that talking to fashion elite schmoozers who listen to you with one ear while they scout the room for somebody more important, gets on my last nerve. In Montreal, we believe that fashion should be by the people for the people. Which is why some of the best parties of the week are free and open to the general public. Here are the parties you shouldn’t miss: 1) The launch of DRESS TO KILL MAGAZINE Tuesday October 13, 10pm, W Hotel, 901 Square Victoria, FREE (click here for the google map) 2) The DENIS GAGNON PARTY (the pictures of this post are actually from last year’s party. Denis is without a doubt one of Montreal’s most praised designer and if I had to go to ONE party, it would be this one) Thursday October 15, 10pm, 901 Square Victoria, FREE… / Read More →

Bowling in Montreal

When Justin Timberlake and big-time producer Timbaland were last in Montreal, word on the street is that the after-party was held not in one of the cities’ swankiest nightclubs, but at a place called Sharx. Why would the man responsible for bringing sexy back choose such a place? In my mind, there can only be one reason: bowling.

Jello Bar gets its groove back!

Wondering where to go for delicious martinis and live music in Montreal? I got two words for you: Jello Bar! Now, I usually leave to my colleague Brendan to fill out in on MONTREAL NIGHTLIFE, but I love Jello bar so much, I simply couldn’t hold back on this one. Plus, it makes for a great girls night out!