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See the Stars In Montreal

Whether you’re casually searching for a shooting star to wish on, an amateur astronomer itching to get a closer peek at some celestial objects, or a night owl who just feels at ease with the moon,  Montreal has great ways to see the stars during unique nocturnal activities…

VIDEO: Gardens of Light at Montreal Botanical Garden

From September 6 to November 3, the Montreal Botanical Gardens host their annual Gardens of Light show. The uniquely Montreal exhibition adds another level of adventure within the garden, whether you’re on a date, among friends or with the whole family. An abundance of light and colour fills the Chinese Garden, where lanterns of all shapes and sizes sit along the paths, nestle among the plants and float among the lily pads in the garden’s large pond. The bright and colourful display in the Chinese Garden contrasts beautifully with the subtle illumination of the Japanese Garden, an exhibition begun only last year as an addition to the 20-year-old Gardens of Light. Quebec design firm Jutras Bathalon Bureau d’étude lumière creates a peaceful pathway though the garden, winding over bridges and past waterfalls and ponds, drawing attention to the unique plants and their surroundings. Stop for a moment along the way to watch an elegantly minimalist sound-and-light show among a stand of tall, thin trees, or sit on a bench to take in the garden’s serenity.

Raise a glass to the Sheraton Social Hour

What the Anglophone world calls after-work drinks or happy hour, Quebec calls the “5 à 7”. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It acknowledges the necessary transition time between our stressful workaday lives and the downtime we need in the evening. Plus, it implies that a good tipple should take at least two hours. Glad to oblige…