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“Montréal is a place that, when you’re driving out the next day, chances are you did something the night before that you shouldn’t have…” says Hawksley Workman, over the phone from a tour bus making its way towards Quebec. Workman, the Juno-award winning singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, starts laughing and cuts himself off before saying anything more incriminating.

For the Love of Boobs

Around the world, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every year, Montreal PR Queen,MARIE-ANNIK BOISVERT, organizes a truly stellar, and definitely original, breast cancer benefit called BREAST YOURSELF, where 500 women get together to celebrate life, love, friendship and solidarity. The result? One of the most enjoyable events I’ve attended this year! Witness the awesomeness for yourself in these PICS…

Sipping Vino with Vaynerchuk

America’s hottest sommelier, GARY VAYNERCHUK, was in Montreal last week for the launch of his inspiring, best-selling book, CRUSH IT!

Gary Vaynerchuk: Crushing It à la Montréal

One of today’s biggest internet crimes is not knowing GARY VAYNERCHUK. Guilty as charged? Fear not. Here’s your opportunity to polish your knowledge on America’s most prominent sommelier, business mogul, propelling author, social media GOD and 18th MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN of 2009 – yes, that would be before Brad Pitt AND George Clooney!

Montreal Fashion Week: The Parties

As mentionned previously, THE RUNWAY SHOWS OF MONTREAL FASHION WEEK are starting tomorrow. Yet what would be a fashion week without its lavish parties? Rubbing shoulders with well-dressed celebs while Marie-Kate Olsen stirs your martini during New York Fashion Week does sound all glitz and glam. “Oh hiiii, so what do you do? Mmhumm. Ya. Ok.” Personally, the truth is that talking to fashion elite schmoozers who listen to you with one ear while they scout the room for somebody more important, gets on my last nerve. In Montreal, we believe that fashion should be by the people for the people. Which is why some of the best parties of the week are free and open to the general public. Here are the parties you shouldn’t miss: 1) The launch of DRESS TO KILL MAGAZINE Tuesday October 13, 10pm, W Hotel, 901 Square Victoria, FREE (click here for the google map) 2) The DENIS GAGNON PARTY (the pictures of this post are actually from last year’s party. Denis is without a doubt one of Montreal’s most praised designer and if I had to go to ONE party, it would be this one) Thursday October 15, 10pm, 901 Square Victoria, FREE… / Read More →

Yann Martel’s poem for Water

On October 9th 2009, the One Drop foundation made history by broadcasting a massive planetary event involving 14 cities around the globe….and one man orbiting in space! That man is Guy Laliberté, Cirque du Soleil founder and initiator of the first Poetic Social Mission in space. The purpose?  Raising awareness about the issues facing our planet’s water!

Montreal Fashion Week: The Shows

Montreal Fashion Week is right around the corner again, which means plenty of amazing shows to attend at the well-known Bonsecours Market. Personally, I love the fact that Fashion Week unravels in historic Old Montreal, giving it a unique touch of European glam. But what I love even more is that Montreal Fashion Week is so accessible for people who are not fashion industry professionals!

Guy Laliberté’s worldwide concerts from space!

Rarely have I been so excited and felt so much raw and positive energy in my life! Why? Because my fellow Quebecker, Guy Laliberté – who is also the founder of Cirque du Soleil – is currently billions of miles away, in space, getting ready for a massive global event called Poetic Social Mission. To be held on October 9th, the event is aiming to raise awareness about the issues facing our planet’s clean water supply!

NLGJA Convention: Welcome Queer Journalists!

Montreal will welcome the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Convention from September 10-12, 2009. I got excited and decided to play host to these journalists, media professionals, educators and students. Check out all my Montreal weekend recommendations…

Matt & Nat Bag Throwing: Do not try this at home

Ok, so I spent the last week telling you how I was gearing up for Matt & Nat’s free bag giveway I even bragged about the helmet and kneepads that were going to ensure my success, yada yada yada, etc, no need to quote me, please. Well . . . The bag throwing has come and gone, and I’m at home nursing a sore ego. There. I admit it. I didn’t catch a purse. Actually, I did, until a crazy woman ripped it out of my hands and dragged me on the cement, walking away with MY prize, and leaving me to find the shoe I had lost in the battle.