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Guy Laliberté’s worldwide concerts from space!

Rarely have I been so excited and felt so much raw and positive energy in my life! Why? Because my fellow Quebecker, Guy Laliberté – who is also the founder of Cirque du Soleil – is currently billions of miles away, in space, getting ready for a massive global event called Poetic Social Mission. To be held on October 9th, the event is aiming to raise awareness about the issues facing our planet’s clean water supply!

NLGJA Convention: Welcome Queer Journalists!

Montreal will welcome the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Convention from September 10-12, 2009. I got excited and decided to play host to these journalists, media professionals, educators and students. Check out all my Montreal weekend recommendations…

Matt & Nat Bag Throwing: Do not try this at home

Ok, so I spent the last week telling you how I was gearing up for Matt & Nat’s free bag giveway I even bragged about the helmet and kneepads that were going to ensure my success, yada yada yada, etc, no need to quote me, please. Well . . . The bag throwing has come and gone, and I’m at home nursing a sore ego. There. I admit it. I didn’t catch a purse. Actually, I did, until a crazy woman ripped it out of my hands and dragged me on the cement, walking away with MY prize, and leaving me to find the shoe I had lost in the battle.

The diverse flavours of a Cultural Feast

Every year, Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal’s Museum of Archeology and History, puts on a Cultural Feast celebrating Montréal’s various cultural communities through their respective cuisine. It’s free. It’s outdoors. I never miss it. After all, Montréal’s cultural mix makes for a tasty meal.