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Printemps Numérique as experienced by a shallow Torontonian

Montreal is one of those cities I always enjoyed growing up. It really is one of the only cities in North America with a rich history, which I find rather thrilling as a History nerd. But for all the times I traveled to the city to tour the museums, marvel at the architecture and enjoy their lower drinking age I never got around to experience the art scene. Now I would never call myself an ‘art person’, so when I was told I was traveling to the city to cover a Digital Art festival I was slightly terrified. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to understand the art, let alone review it, but never one to reject an opportunity to visit one of favourite cities in the world I jumped at the opportunity before someone else snatched it up…

A guide to Montréal’s art galleries

Have you ever visited a museum and wished it were a shop? Short of becoming a game-show millionaire, you may never be able to buy a Monet or a Borduas – but you can get close. Montreal has a slew of commercial galleries that enable both experienced collectors and more timid art lovers to invest in a masterpiece (or three) of their own. Here are some spots to start with…

Inspiration at the International Festival of Films on Art

Art comes alive on screen as film fans and art lovers converge during the 32nd International Festival of Films on Art, March 20 to 30 at the Montreal Fine Arts Museum, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and numerous venues around the city…

Things to Do in Montreal August 30-September 5

August may be almost over, but Montreal’s summer of festivals continues outdoors and in this week: see live bands, theatrical performances and visual art outside in the Quartier des Spectacles, the Old Port and the Latin Quarter; watch new films from around the world; check out the latest fashions; and go dancing all weekend long.

Things to Do in Montreal: April 12-18

With winter on the outs, Montreal is picking up the pace (though we didn’t slow down too much) with spring-themed restaurant menus, a huge fashion sale, sporting events, comedy stylings, theatre, dance, interactive art and an extreme number of live music shows…


The Thanksgiving long weekend in Montreal features many things to be thankful for, and food is naturally among them. But on top of all the good meals Montreal provides, this week brings a film festival, world-class dance, theatre and art, a massive dance party, and lots of live jazz, rock and more…


Even with summer officially gone, Montreal is still an arts and culture hotbed – especially this week, with three days of free arty happenings via Journées de la Culture, new art exhibitions starting up along with dance, musical theatre and circus shows, a burlesque festival and truly almost too much live music to handle.


While in town, shop early for the whole family, for the office, for friends (and for yourself!) at the Salon des métiers d’arts du Québec. It is the most important professional exhibition-sale in the province.  The wonderful fair full of hand-made works has praise from all who visit.  It has been a go-to gift-buying place for locals for years, and visitors have quickly discovered it. You can choose from a vast array of made-with-love-and talent pieces. Art, beads and bracelets, decorative objects, ecological works, foie gras, jams, kids’ clothing, lamps, sculptures, wine..basically almost everything and anything one might need to wrap. Wait.  No need to wrap.  A booth at the Salon will do this for you…easy, peasy.


Travel, people and culture : my ultimate three favorite things on Earth – and the reason behind my excitement for the Rapa Nui exhibition happening at Montreal’s Pointe-à-Callière museum. What? You don’t know Rapa Nui? Don’t worry. It is, after all, one of the most isolated places on the planet. Thanks to the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History Pointe-à-Callière though, I’m about to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and learn all about this distant land and people.