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Things to Do in Montreal: July 26–August 1

It may be the end of July, but Montreal hasn’t slowed down for summer’s dog days yet: comedy festivals Just For Laughs and Zoofest add high and hilarious energy to the city; free outdoor entertainment, from theatre to dance to fireworks and live music, goes on in the parks and downtown; and film festivals and rock shows help keep everything cool…

Things to Do in Montreal: July 19-25

Summer entertainment keeps the heat at bay this week in Montreal with jokes, music, fresh air and movies: see Just For Laughs comedy festival shows from some of the most brilliant comedians working today; Shakespearean performance in the parks; underground films in air-conditioned theatres; and live music from Beyoncé to beats brought all the way from Africa…

Things to Do in Montreal: July 12-18

July’s warm, sunny weather means much of the week’s activities can be found outdoors, whether in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles downtown or in the city’s biggest parks. Live music, comedy, theatre, circus and film screenings abound, keeping everyone of any age entertained…

Freak Out at the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival

Films that frighten, films that shock and films that provoke laughter, sometimes all at the same time, are the meat (and gristle and bone) of the Fantasia International Film Festival…


Buenos Aires, 2008– A priceless treasure is discovered in a forgotten corner: A complete 16mm version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the most important masterpiece of the German Expressionism movement and the most expensive silent film ever made. Montreal, July 28, 2010. A newly restored digital copy of the complete Metropolis has its Eastern Canadian premiere as a special gala of the Fantasia film festival in the 3000-seat Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des arts, featuring a new score by Gabriel Thibaudeau of the Cinematheque Quebecoise, performed by a 13-piece orchestra.


Film festivals are a tricky game—there are so many in this city that there sometimes seems to be a non-stop parade of special cinematic events extending from mid-May to well past Hallowe’en. But much as I love ‘em, a film festival around these parts is not necessarily cause for genuine excitement. There’s only one Montreal film festival that sells out a 700-seat theatre four times a day, every day, for three weeks every year for 14 years running..