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Designer Shopping : Helmer Boutique

Montreal designer HELMER JOSEPH could not have thought of a better time to open his brand new boutique on St-Laurent Boulevard. With Montreal Fashion Week recently coming to an end, fashionistas from around the world will be able to put their hands on his incredible designs; fresh OFF THE RUNWAY!

Plus Size Shopping in Montreal

Plus size fashion shows were at the forefront of New York’s Fashion Week last month. For its November issue, Glamour Magazine is honouring the topic with a beautiful spread of seven plus size models. Since it seems the industry is finally starting to understand that not all women are a size 0, I decided to head to Oppen’s, one of Montreal’s preeminent shopping destinations for plus size fashion.

Montreal Shopping: Beyond in Love with Tati B.

Tatiana Poblah was smart when she chose “I love Tati B.” as her business slogan. The only thing is that “In Love” doesn’t even start to describe how head-over-heels I am for the work of this Montreal fashion illustrator, with a boutique on Pratt Avenue in swanky Outremont.

Montreal Fashion and Design: STYLIST’S OWN

What’s unique about Montreal’s fashion and design scene? It’s the fact that every crazy little project can turn to reality instantly. Azamit is one of Montreal’s most hyperactive and high-profiled stylist and art consultant in town. She’s been a model and knows everything about fashion – her black book is probably the most wanted among young designers and artists who are looking to achieve international celebrity and fame. All year long, she unearths unique pieces that have been kept hidden from the public, and exhibits them during an event called STYLIST’S OWN. Read more to find out how you can leave Montreal with an affordable handpicked souvenir from the city’s best designers.

The day Pretty Ballerinas saved my life

Montreal. September 19, 2009. It was a wedding. Five hours earlier, I had slipped into my dress and heels and I was now strategically moving through the room to avoid as many potential footsteps as possible. If the bride asked me to accompany her to the restroom one more time, I swear, something bad was bound to happen…

Top 10 Things to do in Fall in Montreal

Summer is coming to an end. Children are back to school and you’ve come to terms with saying farewell to your favourite pair of sandals. But rest assured, there are still a bunch of festivals, activities and amazing things to do in Montreal!

Denis Gagnon on the Montréal Fashion Diaries

DENIS GAGNON is the Montréal designer who attracts the biggest crowds during Fashion Week. I must have spilled at least two Dirty Martinis last season just trying to wade through the crowd gathered for his 2009-2010 Fall-Winter collection.

Favourite Streets: My take on Prince-Arthur Street

In this new series, I explore one of my favourite streets in the city. Follow me as I walk from West to the East along Prince-Arthur, a charming little street in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood.  Read more to view my picks along the way.

Rad Hourani: Avant-Garde Fashion in Montreal

As one of Montréal’s most talented designers, Rad Hourani spends quite a bit of time hopping from one fashion city to another. Luckily, I was able to catch him between flights and talk to him about his work, why he designs clothes in black and why he doesn’t believe in trends or celebrities.

Era Vintage: A Shopping Haven

Let’s face it. You have to be in the mood to shop for vintage. You need to focus, your attention unwavering and your fashion radar on full throttle. Sifting through piles of clothes takes a lot of energy – especially when it smells of mothballs. But what if vintage clothes always looked – and smelled – like roses? That’s what fashionista-pioneer Élaine Léveillée had in mind when setting up Era Vintage.