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FrancoFolies: Another Side of French Music

Living in Montreal, you quickly come to realize that the term “French music” covers far too broad a base to be one single category. In fact, it’s only as specific as “British rock” or “American folk music.” Read more to find out why French music isn’t just about Celine Dion anymore.

Divers/Cité ::: Cabaret de Minuit

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Divers/Cité was coming. Last night the festival began with a romantic, star-lit movie in the park, a charming way to ease into a week of jam-packed entertainment. New this year to the Divers/Cité programming is Cabaret de Minuit: The New York Series. (Did I mention that I enjoy New York?) The series features three creative and cutting-edge NYC performers over three nights. Out of all the diverse and exciting programming of the festival, these shows have me most excited…

Montreal Hits the Big Screen

Judd Apatow’s Funny People with Adam Sandler and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds with Brad Pitt have something in common: they will both premiere in Montreal this month! That’s right, Montrealers will catch a glimpse of these major motion pictures before their official release in Canada and the United States. Read more to find out how you can catch up this summer’s two box office hits before the rest of America.

5 Places to Enjoy Jazz Music in Montreal

The MONTREAL JAZZ FEST has just wrapped up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great spots around the city to hear trumpets and saxophones year-round. Here’s my list of recommendations for those of you who missed some of the big gigs from the summer festival. Read out more about my alternative picks to enjoy up-and-coming young musicians, old ragtime classics or world-influenced jazz beats.

Gay Pride Montreal: “CÉLÉBRATIONS”

Gay Pride in Montreal is called “Célébrations”. Debuting in 2007, Célébrations is a relatively new Montreal LGBT festival. The organization and event was created by some key community figures to ensure that the traditional elements of Pride (Parade and Community Day) would be offered to both Montrealers and visitors. Now into its third year, Célébrations has established itself among the many Montreal queer events (Divers/Cité, Black & Blue, Image&Nation) as a “destination” festival. This means that the gays travel specifically to Montreal to partake in the parties, shows and, most definitely, the massive Pride Parade! Get the inside scoop on this year’s Pride festivities (including my recommendations)…

Montreal and Osheaga: Coldplay, Beastie Boys…

If you haven’t noticed yet, Montreal is a city that loves its festivals. From the huge (like the Montreal Jazz Festival) to a bit more off the radar (like Les Nuits D’Afriques). So, when a new fest comes to town it needs to a way to stand out. Enter Osheaga, the music festival that launched in 2006, which is happening on August 1st and 2nd. It has two major wildcards up its sleeve: it brings musical acts like Coldplay and the Beastie Boys to Montreal and it’s hosted on Parc Jean-Drapeau, a beautiful outdoor space that seems to have been designed with this very fest in mind…

Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

What I like about Montreal’s festivals is the fact that they constantly renew themselves. They don’t take tourists and locals for granted, but instead are always looking to evolve and offer something different. Read more to find out why Just for Laughs is the best example of an innovative international big gig.

Fireworks in Gay Montréal

When you are in Montréal and some hottie leans in to say – Salut mon beau homme, do you see fireworks too? – there is a good chance that there might actually be pyrotechnic detonations in the sky. Every Saturday from June 13 to August 22 2009 at 10:00 p.m. Montréal will play host to an international fireworks competition. Find out where to catch the explosive gay fireworks action…

Tam Tams: Drums, Dancing and Doobage

Every Sunday afternoon, all the peace lovin’ people of Montréal unite: black or white, Anglo or Franco, young or old, gay or straight (and everyone in between). The reason is the “Tam Tams,” a collective drum/circus/dance festival, where the mood is chill and the air is filled with the smell of… hippie lettuce. I grabbed a Bixi Bike and headed off to the park, where I created my first installation of “Montréal BikeCam.” Don’t miss my take on one of Montréal’s most peculiar sub-cultures, the “medieval nerf-sword warriors”…