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There is nothing that closes off a killer night out like a burger, some greasy fries and a soda. The fat and carbs from neon-bathed diners help to absorb the evening’s over-consumption, thus reducing the potential of an inconvenient hangover. In fact, the restorative properties of poutine, for example, have been proven by scientists. And by “scientists” I mean “frat-boys-who-study-leisure-sciences.” And I wouldn’t necessarily trust that crowd, but their research has been an integral contribution to formulating a perfect party night. The last leg of an epic evening often ends with comfort food. Here are 5 Montréal greasy spoons to keep your adventures fuelled.


Montreal is the perfect destination for anyone living in North America looking for a significant change of scenery without having to travel to the end of the world.  It is only an hour flight from New York or Toronto, yet feels a lot more like a trip to Europe. On top of saving on plane ticket fees and jetlag ramifications, you’ll be happy to hear that Montreal is also a very affordable city. With its vibrant cultural scene and bountiful summer festivals, Montreal has all it takes to offer you a memorable time without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for a sensational Montreal trip on the cheap!


When podcasts were first introduced, they were usually about the things that most interested the internet-savvy people that first made them. But, as the rest of us caught on, the subject matter grew to include almost everything. So now that it’s 2010, when it comes to Montreal’s best podcasts, there’ a little something for everyone…

Hey Cupcake!

It’s been many years since Carrie Bradshaw brought the cupcake back from its decadent hibernation. And the cupcake craze has been roaring ever since. Montréal has a few places to indulge in petits gâteaux (aka cupcakes), and Les Glaceurs is one of my faves.