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Worldly Ways at Festival TransAmériques

Montreal excels at the art of performance – theatre, dance, music, circus and everything in between, whether it be on a stage or in a street – and also fittingly revels in performance that challenges conventions, plenty of which can be seen at this year’s Festival TransAmériques, including a show that literally goes to the dogs…


Festival TransAmériques features the Greatest Cities In The World. Most Canadians might not admit to it, but we’re fascinated by America. Sure, I’m basing this on informal, anecdotal evidence, and my own often-fraught love of the U.S. of  A., but why wouldn’t it be true? America captivates our imaginations – maybe because we don’t quite “get” it. James Long, co-director of Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement, shares this fascination. So much so that the theatre company created  a multi-media show, The Greatest Cities in the World, based on Americans talking about their homeland: specifically, stories of towns in Tennessee named after the cities of London, Paris, Rome Moscow and Athens.