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Meet a Montrealer: Skateboarder Annie Guglia

Ranked 12th in the world among female skateboarders, Montrealer Annie Guglia stands out in a unique sport that is constantly pushing its limits and she is one of the few women who practice skateboarding professionally. Inspired by female skateboarders from a young age, she is now an inspiration for future generations. For starters, what led you to skateboarding? Skateboarding entered my life by a bit of a side door. My little brother got a skateboard for Christmas in 2000. In 2001, he was in the street and at Ahuntsic Park with his friends, and I thought it was really cool. I followed them everywhere. The following year, I got a skateboard for my birthday – or maybe it was Christmas, too. From there, I made friends, I began to learn tricks and I never stopped. Did you have female role models who were skateboarding when you were young? Or role models in other sports or activities? At that time, women’s visibility in the sport was pretty limited because there were so few girls skateboarding. My first contact with a female “skater”, like for many people, was Elissa Steamer in the Playstation game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding 1. Then, in the… / Read More →

Do Your Thing in MTL: Comedian DeAnne Smith’s Mile End Love Song

When putting together a list of LGBT stars to be apart of the performance series Do Your Thing in MTL, we needed to find someone who was A) Lesbian B) Hilarious and C) Adorable. DeAnne Smith came riding in on a litter of kittens and wrote us the little ditty “Mile End Love Song”… Go ahead and sing along!


Montreal is blessed to have such a vibrant cultural fabric. It weaves together people from different walks of life, who speak different languages and do different things, yet when you step back you see one stunning tapestry of a city. When I step back and look at the best coffee shops, amazing restaurants, best bars and best party nights, it becomes obvious who is responsible for making these places awesome… LESBIANS!


Fierté Montreal Pride proved yet again that there are more than just 7 colours in the rainbow. We came out in all shapes and sizes, all colours and genders, all young and old. It was a weekend to celebrate diversity, love, peace, and be proud of who we are and how far we’ve come…


The Queer of the Year contestants have landed! They’re here to compete for $5000, a trip back to Montreal and the Queer of the Year Crown! The competition is just getting started and is going to get HOT. What did the finalists do on their first day, and what was my first real life impression of them…


The DJs spun, the Drag Queens lip-synced, the performers sang and the partiers danced. And we all had a great time doing it. Divers/Cité has come to an extravagant close and, once again, it was a highlight of the entire Montreal festival circuit. Check out some of the greatest moments from Divers/Cité 2011…


Robert Laliberté’s illustrious career as a photographer has spanned 35 years, and he still has plenty to say with his photography. From July 13 to August 9, 2011, Laliberté’s new exposition Transformations will be at Galerie Dentaire in the Gay Village…


Gayly? Julay? Jugay? There seems to be almost as many portmanteaus for “Gay” and “July” as there are things to do! So take your time to muddle it over, and settle on the portmanteau you feel comfortable with and then explore all the exciting gay things happening in the city this month…


For almost two decades Montreal has been blessed with the most high-energy, inclusive, amazing and flat out FUN festivals: Divers/Cité. This year marks its 19th year celebrating anything and everyone under the rainbow from July 25-31, 2011.