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Each month “The Montréal Buzz” features five gay or gay-friendly things to do or see around the city. Recommendations range from parties to bistros to festivals to boutiques to cultural events. Here are some suggestions for the month of April…


It is becoming a widely accepted axiom that gay people are tons of fun. As a gay man, I feel comfortable with this notion, and would also like to add that we’re creative, playful, strong and stylish! Oh yes, and we’re clearly humble. This being said, it is perfectly natural and normal to feel attracted to the gay community.


The premiere weekend for Montreal bears (and their guests) is fast approaching. It involves a jam-packed agenda of roly-poly good times including a fashion show, a trip to local sugar shack, a chocolate factory visit and tons of other hidden surprises. If you enjoy a furry man, you need to get here!

7 Gay Videos for a Montréal ‘Trip’

Since I started as a guest blogger for Tourisme Montréal back in March of 2009, I have made more than 30 videos that help you, the traveler, have an authentic Montréal experience. Some of these videos were less then successful (ex: There is a little space for everyone). But overall, I’ve received a combined total of more than 40 000 views for my videos alone. Not braggin’ here. But I must have done something right along the way. Here are my seven favourite videos, and why they have become special to me. ———————————————————————————————————— Drag Queen Makeover (Extended version with Mado Interview)From the very beginning I had the idea for a Drag Queen Makeover. I contacted Mado, and after a few weeks of trying to find a date that would work, I finally got my opportunity. I was nervous and excited, but Mado and Miss Butterfly were warmly welcoming. I learned an important thing that night – should my gig as a blogger ever fail me, female impersonation could be a viable career option. Hot Lesbian (Haircut) ActionJJ Levine has been cutting my hair for almost two years now. When I proposed a video to her, she was pretty much open… / Read More →


  Bondage, spanking, leather, latex, BDSM, anime, librarians, chubby-chasing, asphyxiophilia, body piercing, tattooing, cowboys, daddies, biker-dykes, policemen, school girls, Alexander McQueen shoes… This is a list of common fetishes, while also providing a GREAT way for me to optimize my search engine traffic. Just joking. Okay, not really. No matter what type of fetish gets you lascivious, Montréal has a store for you to get some hot new gear.

Pica Pica: Spanish Tapas in the Gay Village

There is no shortage of great food options in Montréal. You could easily spend a full weekend eating your way through the Gay Village. No pun intended. My friend Ahmar and I headed to Pica Pica the other night for girl talk and tapas. We tucked ourselves into one of the booths, and enjoyed some friendly service and saliva-inducing dishes. You too can have this lovely experience. Whether you visit with a friend or in a big group, when it comes to tapas, it’s all about sharing. For two people I recommend getting four of the “Nuestras Tapas.” And don’t forget your veggies! This is what we ate: Ceviche – Tomate y aguacate Tomato and avocado salad Esparagos gratiné Asparagus with Parmesan gratin Pollo con queso de cabra alla pimienta Julienned chicken in a white wine, lemon, and peppered goat cheese sauce Gambas bravas Shrimp in a cream sauce Trosos de autun al sofrito Cubed red tuna in an island spice sauce Again, as I mentioned in my previous article about Pulled Pork Sandwiches at Dépanneur le Pick Up, I am certainly not a food critic. That being said, both Ahmar and I agreed that the ‘Gambas Bravas’ (shrimp in… / Read More →

Montreal Gay Village Culinary Tour

Montreal is known for its hot n’ happening gay life, as well as its European approach to delicious dining. So it’s only logical that gayness and deliciousness converge in the Montreal Gay Village. With my friend and colleague in tow, the darling Katerine Rollet, I hopped around the Montreal gayborhood to highlight some of the best spots to explore your “epi-queer-ean” fantasies. —————————————————————————————————————— Here’s a list of our stops: La Mie Matinale | Mouth-watering muffins, coffee… plus Dalida! 1371 St. Catherine East Kilo | Chillaxin’ café with decadent desserts! 1495 St. Catherine East Tutti Frutti | Corner grocery store (baguette, cheese, beer, etc) 1251 Maisonneuve East O’Thym | Delicious French Bistro, Apportez Votre Vin 1112 Maisonneve East Mozza | Cozy Italian Resto, Apportez Votre Vin 1208 St. Catherine East Le Saloon | Funky Lounge, Martinis, DJs 1333 St. Catherine East Le Resto Du Village | 24-hour Greasy Spoon 1310 Wolfe —————————————————————————————————————— If you have any questions, feel free to write inquires in the comment section!

Mado, The Queen of the Montreal Gay Village

Who is Mado? Mado is irreverent. Mado is charming. Mado is bitchy. Mado is Montreal. Last week, after a hilarious Drag Queen Makeover , I sat down with Montreal’s infamous Drag Queen, Mado, to chat about what it takes to run Montreal’s fab-est Cabaret and what travelers should do when they visit our city. What resulted is perhaps my most entertaining and informative video yet. My favorite moment: when Mado says, “Do I want to be a Drag queen for the rest of my life? Or do I want to work at McDonald’s? You have a choice.” Oh, and don’t miss our lesbian cat growls… Grrrrrr!

GAY CAM for Google

One of the best things about Montreal’s Gay Village is that the street is closed to traffic throughout the summer. This essentially means that St. Catherine’s street is like a pedestrian runway, featuring amazing patio action, jovial street performers and even a volleyball court. However, I became concerned.

Gay Travel :: My Top 5 Websites

When it comes to Gay Travel, there is a heap of travel websites out there devoted to stimulate your big gay interests. But how do you know what sites to trust? Here are my big gay recommendations…