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GAY CAM for Google

One of the best things about Montreal’s Gay Village is that the street is closed to traffic throughout the summer. This essentially means that St. Catherine’s street is like a pedestrian runway, featuring amazing patio action, jovial street performers and even a volleyball court. However, I became concerned.

Gay Travel :: My Top 5 Websites

When it comes to Gay Travel, there is a heap of travel websites out there devoted to stimulate your big gay interests. But how do you know what sites to trust? Here are my big gay recommendations…

space for everyone

Montréal is home to a lot of homos. There is a large diversity of men out there. One might say that there are as many options as Ben & Jerry’s… or as we say in Montréal “Benoit et Gerald”. Check out my ode to diversity. Oh yeah, and you’ll never guess who I ask to marry me…

Art with a twist of HOPE

We gays like our art. And what’s better than scoring an exclusive piece of art while supporting community-driven initiatives? Nothing. Check out the details of this art auction.

Montréal is Easterrific for the Homos!

Easter is around the corner, and you’re going to need more than a chocolate bunny to keep you energized. Here’s a taste of the many Montréal homolicious activities happening over the Long weekend.

Village 101

Montréal’s Village is home to many fabulous things: restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques and salons. It is known the world over for the all-night dance parties, for the relaxed atmosphere, and of course, for being hottie-central. So when you visit Montréal, you are clearly going to be spending some time here.

Gay Marriage: Two Gals say “I do” in Montreal

Hey Lovers! Found that special guy? Met the woman of your dreams? Thinking about professing your love? But wait, maybe Proposition 8 has got you down? Did you know that same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Canada since July 2005, and within that first year, 12,000 couples were married here?