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space for everyone

Montréal is home to a lot of homos. There is a large diversity of men out there. One might say that there are as many options as Ben & Jerry’s… or as we say in Montréal “Benoit et Gerald”. Check out my ode to diversity. Oh yeah, and you’ll never guess who I ask to marry me…

Art with a twist of HOPE

We gays like our art. And what’s better than scoring an exclusive piece of art while supporting community-driven initiatives? Nothing. Check out the details of this art auction.

Montréal is Easterrific for the Homos!

Easter is around the corner, and you’re going to need more than a chocolate bunny to keep you energized. Here’s a taste of the many Montréal homolicious activities happening over the Long weekend.

Village 101

Montréal’s Village is home to many fabulous things: restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques and salons. It is known the world over for the all-night dance parties, for the relaxed atmosphere, and of course, for being hottie-central. So when you visit Montréal, you are clearly going to be spending some time here.

Gay Marriage: Two Gals say “I do” in Montreal

Hey Lovers! Found that special guy? Met the woman of your dreams? Thinking about professing your love? But wait, maybe Proposition 8 has got you down? Did you know that same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Canada since July 2005, and within that first year, 12,000 couples were married here?